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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by arfur_finger, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know what the financial reasons for possible rejections could be at the security check
    I am not bankrupt nor do i have an IVA but like most people i do have a few small debts, credit card etc, do they do a credit check like when you go to buy a really big telly for 2 quid a week or is it just the bankruptcy sort of stuff they look for
    Also i pay the CSA weekly for my kids who live with the wicked witch, is this likely to be an issue

    Thanks for your help
  2. can't imagine small debts being a problem, as long as you're able to cover the repayments on a recruit's salary (approx 13k pa) you'll be fine.
  3. Small amounts of debts are not a problem but you should make sure you are honest when filling out the form as they will do an Experian financial check on you.

    I've only ever had one person turned down due to debts and that was best he wasn't honest on the form and in the interview they gave him (you don't normally get an interview, only if there are any problems).


  4. Thanks for the replies, hopefully should be ok....if not serves me right for being a bit of a butterfingers with money :lol:
  5. Hi, new on here. Passed my Psychometric Test yesterday and filling out forms to proceed to next stage. Wanting to join as Weapons Engineering Tech on Subs. Worried about one thing though. Bought a flat about 3 years ago, then girlfriend got pregnant (don't know how that couldda happened) so we had to find somewhere with more space. Found somewhere but was told by housing association not allowed to let flat out. Cue resession, flat worth less than I paid for it and am probably going to have to do voluntary reposession. Will owe mortgage company about £15k. Have spoken to them and they are very understanding and I have also agreed payment plan, and checked it was affordable on recruit salary approx £13k. Just wanted to know if this would be a problem with me joining. I mentioned it to AFCO and they said as long as im not Bankrupt or IVA then it shouldn't be a problem but would have to check with Head Office. Just wanted some advice, and reassurance if possible.

  6. Know any Rum Rationers personally? or FAA ppl? lol ;)

    Best of luck applying mate. Hope its ok.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Seach the Newbie threads there are several replies from Ninja Stoker and Super Mario covering the debt thing.

    As for the pregnancy are you suggesting that it was a grudge baby? :wink:
  8. Indeed, maybe someone really had it in for you while you were away

    Badumsh :wav:
  9. Ive got a credit card aswell and missed countless payments and they let me in so you should be fine. If they let me in belive me they should let most people in.
  10. just student loan repayments for me lol. Shouldnt be a problem as they are govt managed. 5 quid a month if im earning 15k+ pa
  11. I have been put forward for the security clearance. I was picked up when I was 17 by the police held in the cells for a few hours and returned home without charge. Do you think I should mention this on the security clearance form as I have submitted it without the information.
  12. Not really related to the original post, but I'll bite.

    You can ask all you want but let's face it, there's only one way you will ever find out so stop pussy footing around and worrying yourself silly - get down to the AFCO!

    Ask your friendly Careers Advisor if it's an issue - do you think this will be a new question for them? Do you really think they've never heard this before?

    If they say it's not an issue then you have nothing to worry about. If it is an issue (unlikely) then you will know for definite and you can get on with your life without worrying.
  13. I do not have the option of a friendly AFCO as I am being sponsored by a company and I don't want to risk the job I have been offered.

    I am not even sure if I was formally cautioned because it was so long ago and I was drunk.
  14. Could you expand on this, please?
  15. I have been offered a job which requires security clearance and they have sponsored me to get this. I cannot start work until it has come through.
  16. TripleG

    You are applying to join the Royal Navy, aren't you?
  17. No I am not applying to join the royal navy I am applying for security clearance so I can work on MOD projects for the Royal Navy.
  18. If you want reassurance, you can request subject access to CRB or get advice from NACRO on how to see any information held on the Police National Computer (PNC).

    CRB Link
  19. Get in touch with the HR Dorris at BAE systems. Tell them that you have issued the SC form, but have remembered an incident when you were younger. Ask them if you can forward an addendum to the form.
  20. It takes 40 days to get the information I may as well wait for the clearance to come back. I only want to know whether I am best to be up front about this very minor blip in an otherwise perfect record as currently I have not mentioned it because I am 90% sure you cannot get a formal cauion when you are 17 or when your are not in a fit state of mind. The form states "formal cautions" or "spent convictions" this does not come under either.

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