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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by muskovardo, Oct 26, 2014.

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  1. Is it just me that feels the need to check my security clearance every day? Sometimes more than 2 times a day as if that will make it quicker. Think I need a way to forget about it but it is the last stage before I get my date
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  2. I'm also at this stage, sent it off around a month ago. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to speed it up, but it usually takes 4-8 weeks apparently.
    It is frustrating as you don't hear anything now until you get your dates for PRNC and Raleigh, but keep yourself busy with training etc.

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  3. Think the last time I did it it was around a month, suppose I best bare with it and keep busy like you say.
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  5. 4-8 weeks? Try waiting 9 months for a visa when you have submitted notice to leave and sold your house. I don't think you have much to complain about lol.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware it could be worse. But it's still frustrating having to wait for things out of your hands, regardless of the situation.

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  7. I've been told that security clearance doesn't effect your start date as they will chase clearance if you get near your start date. I certainly hope this is the case as I've been waiting a year so far for mine!!!
  8. I'm a re-entry though so I don't get allocated a start date until it is cleared!
  9. A re-entry and your desperate to get back to this? Savour it soon enough you will be shredders with all the things that made you leave the first time haha.
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  10. I submitted mine in March 2014, checked them at least once every two days and it took about three months to clear mine. I then immeditaley phoned my AFCO expecting a date in the post any day now, then being told 'Your dates will arrive anywhere from tomorrow to 18 months from your RT test'. Looking at getting them around January/February time 2016. At least I'm hoping so as I have to re-complete my PJFT+Security clearance again in March.
  11. What are you going in as mate?
  12. I know people who have been given a date over the phone before even filling security clearance in as a new recruit
  13. I've read of similar stories on here " I passed my PJFT in 9 minutes and was offered the RM instead" or "I passed my PJFT and the AFCO phoned me straight afterwards giving me a date for next week". I can't attest to their credability as we're all just strangers on a forum, but if true damn that sucks! For me at least, not for them I'm sure.

    I'm going in as Warfare Specialist Rating mate, yourself? Was tempted to phone up and change branch a month ago to Chef, just to get in as my wife and I are nearing the end of our collective teathers. But I'm glad I waited as I would hate to be a chef, especially as a rating I'd probably just be washing spuds for a few years. Plus I'm joining up to do something I can't in the civvie world; effectively use and maintain giant fcuk off weaponry!
  14. To be fair the people I know who have had a date straight away are going in as submariners. I'm going in as Marine Engineer submariner mate. All of out wait times are tiny in comparison to yours.

    I thought about changing but the mrs made it very clear that if I go in as something can do as a civvy we may aswell not be together. Guessing she wears the trousers in our relationship!
  15. Is there a shortage of submariners atm then? Haha is she in the RN also? Or does she just really enjoy the uniforms? My wife and I have had a few conversations about switching trades to get in faster, however as it's my career it's my call ;) And as great as it would be to be at Raleigh already, I wouldn't get as much out of it knowing there's no definite option to switch branches at a later date. Plus if I joined as a chef to get in quicker, what's the point of joining at all? When I'd be trained as a chef, when I could just get a job as a civvie chef. Not sure if I'm going career or not yet being 23, 24 by the time I'll be in, so I'm going to be doing something I sure as hell can't do as a civvie, and worry about future employment prospects should I make the descision to leave the navy at a later date. Besides I have a degree and some talents/skills to fall back on.

    Saying that a mate of my wife joined up as a kid, been in about 8 or 9 years now as a Marine Engineer, but started as a Mine Clearance Diver and switched becuase he didn't like it. So it does happen, but other than him I don't know many stories of people switching trades frequently.
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  16. Yeah think that there is a big shortage of submariners. Last time I spoke to my AFCO they said 3 to 5 months for me at the minute.

    I'm 24 but will prob be 25 by time I'm in. The plan is for full career but just have to see how it goes. If not back to the drawing board. Always fall back to being an electrician if needs be.
  17. It's always good to fall back on a trade/skill, moreover in this economy. Other than musician/writer, I don't really have any real, apllicable skills which would contribute to society as much as a genuine trade would. Hmmm, maybe I should have joined as an ME. Ah well! I originally thought of going full career, but now I'm thinking of spending at least until my 30s in RN, and then reassessing my life to see if RN is still a viable option - my wife and I will have two children by this point, probably a mortgage, and she's a professional Croupier at a 24 hour casino, so it may be a case of having to go reserves and be a stay at home dad/weekend warrior when the kids reach school age.
    My aim is to leave RN with the rank of PO or higher, so I may be able to get a few more years past 30, maybe stay 10/11 years in, before it becomes more difficult to juggle two children and their lives, a wife and her career, and Dad's deployments.
  18. I'm going to take every day as it comes I think. There has been a lot of arguing at home with me rejoining. I left whilst at Raleigh due to my brother being ill so never really got into it.

    But with 2 kids and a disabled girlfriend it hasn't been an easy decision. Some will think I'm selfish and maybe I am but this is what iv wanted to do all my life.
  19. From what I've found of family life, nothing is ever the right time. And just when everything appears to be going smoothly, something will arrive accordingly to throw a spanner in the works. For example my wife and I decided to have a baby, assuming my wife would work through her pregnancy until the last few weeks, but she had to leave a few months before due date instead due to nausea, morning sickness etc, which scuppered our carefully budgeted incomes plan for savings.

    6 months after phase 2 I understand our pay goes up to 17 ish grand, not sure about submariner as I understand you get more than us daylighters. So financially it'll be easier for us both in a few years
    , obviously no idea what your job's like but I'm working 48-56 hour weeks atm earning 8p above minimum wage supporting a wife and child as her employer screwed her over with her maternity pay.

    I'm planning on getting SFA as soon as eligible so my wife and I can save for a deposit on a house, rent that sucker out and pay off part if not all of the mortage over my minimum of 10 years service. That way I'll have extra money coming in during and a house to live in after almost if not entirely paid off.
  20. Well I went on a submarine look at life course few weeks ago and got the impression that it goes up after 6 months. Not 6 months after phase 2 so that will be a bonus for us both! We just get extra pays like submariner pay which is a day rate. In terms of a deposit we were told about a scheme where you can get 50% of your salary to go towards the deposit on a house interest free but you have to pay it back before you leave the forces. Some really good benefits from what we were told. Might be worth phoning the AFCO for exactly what they were as my memory might be playing tricks.
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