Security Clearance No-No's?

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I still have my medical next week to pass and that's the final hurdle aha. Thanks. Good luck.

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Ahhh...I'm sure you'll be fine booner but good luck.

Thanks haha. I've got my medical in January so I'll use this time to maintain fitness but to be honest the medical couldn't come at a worse time because I can't really enjoy Crimbo properly! :( Nevermind though haha.


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Just wondering for anyone in this is it true you get additional 15% on your 1.5 mile time at PRNC and HMS Raleigh if so why?
Not that it relates to SC but you do not get 15% leeway on your runtime.

On PRNC, for reasons that have never made sense, you get 10% leeway on your run time - anything above that & your entry date is cancelled.

After joining, if your 1.5 mile runtime is as much as 15% over the PJFT time, you are discharged and have to travel home at your own expense.

My advice? Unless you want to join with a cloud over your head before you even join, make sure you pass the 1.5 mile run on PRNC in less than the standard PJFT run time.


Thanks Ninja i will have no problem in getting in the normal standards, I just read online about the 15% and was wondering why you got given extra

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Hope your SC comes through for you very soon bellis!

I've been waiting 6 weeks now. I have a question someone may know the answer to.

I came out of self-employment five months ago to go in to employment and have obviously given the details across to the SC people. Now I am going to change jobs back in to self-employment as of January. Will this be an issue for my SC??