Security Clearance No-No's?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fledvermin, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. Hi,

    I appreciate there alot of posts concerning Security Clearance, however non of them really answer my questions.

    I have a slightly colourful past (in terms of a police record), however nothing that isn't spent. I am on the understanding that upon applying you need not inform the recruitment officer during your application process of spent convictions. Infact, from my understanding it is not until your security clearance online form that you need to declare these (which we all know they know about anyway). Technically speaking, the RN as such will not know your criminal background, only the security authority.

    My question is simple, I am aware things such as crimes involving loss of life etc are an instant bar on entry - and lets face it crimes involving such things will never be spent anyway given the sentences imposed. But I am also aware the main aim of the security clearance is to make sure you are not hiding hidden motives and are not open to blackmail etc. I am aware these are probably treated on a case by case basis, but is there a definitive list anywhere that specifies at least an idea of what criminal offences will automatically rule you out of the RN?

    Many Thanks
  2. Probably, but 'they' don't tell us what is on the list. You have the best policy in your post. Be honest in answering and be realistic with yourself. You might want to consider asking for advice from the afco but clearly your choice.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The issue with SC is that if it is not gained, it bars entry.

    Everything except speeding fines & parking tickets that have been paid without court involvement stays on the PNC for life, whether spent or otherwise.

    Criminal convictions which bar entry include custodial sentences totalling 48 months upward (regardless of time done, parole etc), multiple offences against the person, crimes involving loss of life, money laundering & drugs trafficking. In addition detention under the mental health act can bar entry. Convictions for dishonesty can limit career options, ironically in the White Mafia sub specs. (Logistical roles).

    I haven't seen anyone knocked back for SC for several years and suspect NSV simply clear subjects 'on risk' as they are heavily understaffed. Before they went "digital" we used to see knock-backs every other month on average.
  4. Come on then! Spin the dit!

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  5. Just wondering if anyone else has been caught up in the SC backlog at the moment and how long they'd been waiting? Mine's been gone nearly 5 months now
  6. Mine has been a month and abit, hope it's not 5 months as that is past my start date.
  7. Where are you from? Are all SC sent to them same place?
  8. Yeah all same place mate, I don't think they do them in order of when they came I though. They must be working on mine because they have requested additional info after 3 weeks
  9. Mine got sent away early July my AFCO said there has been a backlog and a problem with them getting info from third parties hoping it comes back soon so i can get a date!
  10. I got a date before even completing mine. Not sure if it's different afco doing different things
  11. Probably is best person to ask about that would be ninja, have you done PRNC yet?
  12. Prnc Monday mate! I'm re-entry so done it before though
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For some completely bizarre an illogical reason re-vets take longer than initial SCs. I suspect they simply aren't prioritised by NSV.
  14. Seems strange that bellis has been waiting 5months yet iv been waiting 1 and my date is in 3 months. What will happen if it's not clear?
  15. Mine has been a long time because of a problem with a third party not sending forms through and a backlog yours may pass through fine
  16. Whats PRNC like?
  17. Argh right fair enough. As long as you out the effort in mate then it's fun! Good experience going on ship/sub visit aswell!
  18. I have! I was meant to be at Raleigh on the 9th November but because my SC wasn't completed I was told two days before that I won't be going. I submitted it online on the 1st of July (it was a 'review' due to having done it last year already) and it's only just completed today.

    'Livid' would be an understatement on how I feel about it.
  19. Well this is worrying, fingers crossed mine is sorted
  20. The SC has to be the worst part about the selection process!! I know it has be done and cleared for obvious reasons but it's just so frustrating. It's been over 5 weeks for me now.

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