Security clearance issues (wording of questions)


Hi all,

got my SC ready to submit bar one particular area that has me scratching my head. Its this one, the criminal convictions page.

Basically it says have I ever been 'convicted by a court' of any motoring offences in any country.

I have a Section 171 on my file for inconsiderate driving, which shows on the PNC of course. But I never went to court for it, simply given the paperwork at the side of the road and sent on my way. Now if I do it again my car will be seized but as far as the question goes I don't know whether to click yes or no? Simply because I've been told SC includes everything bar parking and speeding but then it says found guilty by a court?

It also asks if I have received a 'formal caution'. In November 2013 I received a street warning/caution but not a formal caution down at the police station, again it was given to me in the street.

I am not trying to hide anything and just want to make sure that I give the correct information that is requested of me, but understandably I don't want to paint a bad picture of myself where it isn't necessary, so to speak.

Advice appreciated, thanks


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The only thing you need not declare are parking tickets or speeding fines which did not go to court.

Everything else, spent or unspent, court or caution, declare it if the police took your details as it will be on the national computer.

Don't worry about it, it's between you & National Security Vetting, nothing to do with the RN, we don't get to see it.

If it's not declared & it is on your record, it will at best delay SC, at worst, stop you gaining it.


Thanks Ninja!

Also, there is only a simple 'yes/no' checkbox rather than asking for specific details, guessing they do all the checks anyway so probably looks better on me 'admitting' to more serious offences then they find it was only a warning or whatever


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I had a Driving ASBO issued instead of points (which has now expired) I didn't declare it it was just a piece of paper which advised if I was caught driving inappropriately again in the next 12 months I'd loose my car and have to pay £120 to get it back.

Like I said, I didn't feel like I needed to declare this because it not going to court, i don't declare it either on my car insurance either.

I have done SC and it has been completed! Hope this helps!

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