Security Clearance Financial Problems? Help Please

Hey Guys! Havnt posted on here for a long time, Finally got my ass in gear and passed the Psychometric Test and the interview. Just completed my Security Clearance just a bit worried as i have had a County Court Judgement against mein the last few years. Pretty sure its been paid and its done and dusted now will this be a problem? Also Iv got a standing order on my water bill which is paying back arrears will that be a problem? Last Contract i took out (phone contract) i couldnt take oit without paying a deposit. Does anyone know if i should be worried about this? as i am quite a bit. If something does come up if i pay what ever i owe can i then reapply? Also how long does the SC take to come through?

Thanks alot Angela
I have been honest in my application if i did have a CCJ it has long been paid up, thing is im not even 100% that i had one! but iv written it on the application just in case it comes back that i have had one. thanks hopefully it'll be fine :)

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