Security Clearance County Court Judgment am i barred from entry?


Hey, Just paid to have my credit report back and its not looking good. My credit rating is very poor and i have a CCJ at the moment. In the last 3 years Iv applied for a mobile phone and got cleared to have it but had to pay £100 deposit.

Just found out that i have CCJ with Wessex Water. Im currently paying £50 back a month and any extra money i can get my hands on. Just haing this CCJ is this a Bar from entry? If my SC comes back as declined can i reapply once my debts have been resolved? Im currently started training would i still be able to continue training? or would everything have to stop until the debt is resolved?

On my SC application i did say yes to a CCJ and in my additional notes wrote that i wasnt 100%sure that i had one (because i wasnt) but wanted to say yes because i wasnt sure and i didnt want to look dishonest.

Anyone passed their SC with a CCJ?

Does it make a difference if im joining the Reserves? as i already have a job and i can afford my repayments for my debts?

Any help would put my mind at ease! Thanks Angela


Yeah thanks, what im trying to find out now is when the SC is declined, since iv already started at a base would i be able to continue there? or would everything come to a stop and the debt would need to be cleared first?


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So the OP is already in training? How so?
Probably an SC waiver granted as full SC was still in progress.

To be honest I honestly think DBS don't complete full checks in order to clear their huge backlog of unprocessed applicants. My suspicion is they grant SC "on risk" because they are granting them in a couple of weeks, which obviously means full checks are not being undertaken.

The NSV customer enquiry email address on their website was incorrect for nearly two years - a management ploy to claim they receive few complaints. Their site software is incompatable with Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer - in short they are a complete shambles, as demonstrated here.