Security Clearance (apologies)

Hi guys, I realise this general thread has been done a couple million times already but I couldn't find anything that related to my situation.

So I completed the NSV forms Feb 4th and it's still processing. My query is I lived abroad for the two years prior to Oct/2013 in the USA on a work visa and I'm wondering whether anyone has been through a similar situation and if so how long if took for your clearance to complete??



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Generally those working overseas can add a couple of months to gaining SC if resident overseas for more than 6 months in the five years prior to applying for SC. Essentially a residency waiver is also required, besides security checks with overseas agencies. We normally advise those living overseas to obtain a Police computer print to confirm they are clear of conviction and that usually means an SC waiver can be granted.

It takes even longer for those living in a non-EU/US or Commonwealth country. Oddly Ireland seems to take the longest.
I had the same issue, I lived the Seychelles for two years, as Ninja says, your AFCO will apply for a waiver for you. It does take slightly longer but they will get it in time for your start date. Mine came through a month before joining Raleigh. If you need an advanced clearance it may be an issue (it was for me) but I think thats only for CT's. I'm now joining as something else with the hope of transferring. The AFCO's, in my experience, are great, and, just as motivated as you, even if they seem uber relaxed, they will still give their all to get you in.

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