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Security clearance after living in China...?



I've put in my application for Training Management Officer recently, and waiting to meet with an AFCO adviser.

I returned from a 2 year stint teaching in China 21 months ago. This has led to failed security clearances for jobs in the civil service and I'm worried this is going to be a problem in the Navy too (and not sure whether it was the fact that I'd been out of the country, or the country in question..) Looking at the timeline, it seems that SC is only carried out at the end of the recruitment process - obviously I want to set my expectations if this whole process is going to be a non-starter.

Anyone had experience of this? Being accepted or rejected based on their recent time abroad (particularly China if possible)?

Thanks in advance

Best of luck in your application to the one true branch. If you have Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese you will be a very useful asset to the service. I speak a non mainstream European language and I've had a great deal of fun off the back of it.
Hmmn, not overly optimistic of a swift resolution with regard residency in excess of 180 days in a country with whom I doubt there's a reciprocal security exchange protocol to be honest. The civil service usual do a Counter Terrorist Check, which is a lower level than the RN security check which clears you to Secret.

It maybe worth a call or email to NSV to enquire:

Tel: 01904 66 2644
Email: [email protected]

Good luck.

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