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I know it's highly unlikely but has anyone on here had any luck chasing up or finding out approx how long there security clearance was going to take?

Currently under- going mine and still here I am waiting 5 months after sending it off. Got a history of working abroad so was expecting it to take slightly longer but jeeeez ! did not expect it to take this long.

Got a basic training date for September and now really beginning to feel quite anxious that it still won't be done in that time and I am going to be pushed back. Last few months before I join I should be relaxing and enjoying myself but until the day it shows completed I just cannot.

Apart from the first week after submitting the application they asked my dads middle name I have heard absolutely nothing from them. I know everybody's circumstances are different but anyone here been or in anything similar?

any advice would be great even though I'm not really expecting anything to really solve the issue, but thought I would just try share it with someone else rather than my afco.

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Average security clearance takes between four to eight weeks. For those resident overseas within the preceding 5 years, the timescale depends on the countries visited and the speed at which the relevant security agencies respond to the request for data.

Generally Commonwealth Countries, the EU and the US of A have reciprocal agreement and are quite prompt but countries with whom the UK may not have the best diplomatic links, as indicated on the FCO website, can take immeasurably longer, unfortunately.

It's quite frequently a stumbling block for those who take a gap year in the far-flung bazaars paying rip-off companies for the perk of building hospitals and orphanages with free labour in third world countries.

One of the longest SC's I came across was about 12 months. The Country of Residence? Ireland. The issue? Family links to the 'troubles'.
Thanks... Well one of the countries I worked in was Thailand and that was for 2 6 months stints, so I'm guessing this is slightly slower than the others which were Spain and Cyprus.

To top it off now you mention it my moms Irish

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