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I filled an online form for a security clearance to go through and after a month they asked me to provide additional evidence from overseas to be used for a residence waiver since I have not been living in UK for the last 5 years as required. I provided them with all the additional evidence(criminal record, confirmation of address etc) but my question is how do they carry out their checks: will they have completed the checks for the years I have been in UK already or do they wait for all five years of evidence to start the checks? Also if anyone knows how much time it takes after the submission of the residence waiver for the Security Clearance to go through?

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Timescales depend on the countries in which you have resided over the last 5 years and their diplomatic links with UK.

Generally Commonwealth, EU, Saudi & the US are pretty co-operative, (standfast Zimbabwe) so a couple or three months is about the "norm". The more diplomatically "distant" the country, the longer the checks usually take.

Oddly, the longest I've seen was 12 months for someone resident in Ireland. It didn't seem to add-up, but obviously there must've been a bit of "history".
Thanks for the reply.

While they are waiting for the additional evidence, do they carry out the checks for the years someone has spent in UK or they put the application on hold until they receive everything. My interpretation is that if only the residence waiver is left for the checks, its not going to take much time, but if they wait to collect all the 5 years evidence to start the checks, then I will have to wait another 3 months.

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