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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cadetsmum, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. My son wants to go into the RN so I'm guessing that there will be a couple of security checks carried out.

    Question is will hubby and I also be security checked and if so what do they cover?

  2. Hi Cadets MUM,

    The security check is done by the Defence Vetting agency. They will do Financial, criminal and general background checks. They will check out the addresses you have lived at to see if there are any major debts. We are not overly interested in the parents. However if the candidate is young then we may want to see what sort of an parents they had. Most of that will be covered by the formal interview with a careers advisor.

    The security check really is to see how honest the candidate is and to see if they could be potentially blackmailed into giving away the secrets of the Royal Navy, by threats to disclose any previous bad judgements.

    Don't worry to much about the family side of any checks, providing you're not active members in the Al Queda you should be fine.

    SM - Naval Careers advisor

  3. thanks for the reply.

    No we're not active (or inactive come to think of it!) members of Al Queda but what does bother me a little is that, like a lot of people these days, I have some financial issues and have come to a debt repayment plan with the creditors. None of it has gone to court / subject to ccjs etc

    The plan is to apply for 6th form sponsership next year and I was wondering if this come to light / affect his application in anyway?
  4. All i would say is not to worry, most people in the country have some form of debt , better still its not going to court etc so no worries if you ask me
  5. It shouldn't really matter, as long as your son fits the selection critreia for the sixth form sponsorship schemes everything should be OK.


  6. Thanks for the info.

    I feel a bit of a plonker for getting into the situation in the first place and if it affected the boy's chance of what he wanted to do then I would hate myself for ever.

    If he did go ahead with the application for 6th form sponsership when would the vetting be done - at the time of the application or nearer the time of him actually joining? The cunning plan at the moment is that he would join after 6th form.
  7. The checks will not be done until nearer the time of your son joining. Have you made an application for sixth form sponsorship yet.


  8. Does this mean vetting procedures have relaxed in recent years? When I joined the Comms Branch (RNXS) back in 1991 I was PVd on the grounds that we would be handling and processing RN signals!!! o_O
  9. Thingy,

    Cadets Mum is asking about security for joining the RN and not about a specific post, which is when the DVA (Defence Vetting Agency) become involved and you are then DV'd (Developed Vetting). You are only DV'd if you are going to be handling sensitive information (Top Secret codeword stuff) Been there, done that throughout the majority of my career as a communicator.

    He will will receive the normal SC (Security Check) vetting, which is what supermario is informing her of.

    No one is required to be DV'd just to handle normal communications signal stuff at all, otherwise the whole of the Warfare Branch would require it and at around £35k a time, that would be rather large bill for the MOD.
  10. Thanks Brigham. :thumright:

    Apologies to Cadet's Mum ^_^;
  11. No problem Steve. ;-)
  12. Super Mario

    Yes he's gone down to see the Officer Recruitment Officer back in September so has got the ball rolling so to speak and he has been asked if he wanted to go on a station visit in the New Year which he jumped at.

    If its a case of not being security checked until he actually joins (which would be about 3 years away if everything went according to plan) then I can see the debts being sorted as they are not huge but large enough to be a problem.

    thanks everyone.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To re-iterate what Supermario has already stated, the credit check is on the named individual, not their relatives.

  14. Made large for truth and obnoxiousness
  15. have a stalker Ninj :thumright:

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