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I have a bit of a bad credit history as me and my ex were with one of those debt companies who do all your banking and negotiating. I hope that doesnt go against me. I dont have any big debts but my ex missus had a 20 grander looming over her when i was still with her.

I also was convicted of careless driving in 1999. That forms somewhat 'intimidating' as im not straight out school[im 27] so ive got a bit more of a past.

I worry about some of the ********* ive known over the years and wonder if i will be associated with them. As theres no doubt in my mind that some of my old aquantancies have been in trouble and are gonna be known to the law. But everyone knows idiots.[dont they!!!]
A few of us used to go watching alot of football when we were younger and we used to talk to some of the wannabe hooligans in the pubs[as some where old mates] and some some of my mates used to act the prick and gob off at the game. I suppose thats one of the disadvantages of applying when your older!!!.........

Theyve never been close mates and ive never been arrested or charged with anything apart from the motoring offence. So im hoping im not branded. Im just worrying hopefully,as i want this so much.
This may seem a stupid question.

If you was never arrested/cautioned/charged with any of those things. How will they know / care ?
I should imagine, if you dont mention you was part of a bad crowd when you was younger, they wouldnt know ...

Hey, who wasn't, I stole a tractor when i was 12 *_* ...

You're worrying over nothing again! If you weren't allowed in because you had at some point been in the company of assholes, then there would be very few people in the armed forces :dwarf:

As for careless driving, well accidents happen! I had a bit of an oopsadaisy with a hire van a few years back and was done for careless driving, it doesn't make me a criminal :)

Don't sweat the small stuff and focus on getting your self physically and mentally prepared. A positive mind and attitude will be a great start!

There is a thread somewhere in the newbies section on financial stuff. Do a search on finances. :thumright:

I know,your right KF. Dont worry about my positivity on getting through the tests. Its just all this formal stuff,it gives me the heebie-geebies.I dont trust it! :thanks:

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