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security checks


ok, i recieved my application forms through, with a big grey booklet for security checkts sc and ctc etc

part 2 "must be filled by all sponsors" or something

who are my sponsors, and what kind of clearance do i want

id ring up but its a b holiday


Hi Ohaire. Your sponsors are the people at your local careers office. they fill that stuff in. Also, they will fill in the type of clearance needed, date to be cleared box etc.


ok, cheers, so i just fill in the rest and send it off, or do i get my locla AFCO to fill it in before i send it off to the manchester office


War Hero
Probably best to take it in to the AFCO, by the way make sure you include what month you moved in to your present address (not just the year) - I omitted this and got pulled in to an office in the AFCO and asked for it!


Well, when i did it, i had to bring it to the careers office with me when i sat my entry test. They went throught it with me there and then to check that it was all correct. IF you have to post it off seperately then i would definately bring it into the careers office to get them to go through it with you anyway.


sounds like hard work, the navy AFCO is a few buses and trains away, can i go into an ARMY afco and get them to help


I know what you mean about distance thing, i have the same problem as well. If i remember correctly the form is for RAF and RN security clearance and the Army have a different type. I think this is right, i know one of the forms, maybe a blue one was like that. Your best bet in that case is just to ring the careers office on tuesday or try the 08456 07 55 55 recruitment line and see if they could help at all.


I have just done this part of the process. Is this for officer or rating? For officer I sent mine all back to OCLC Manchester and then they sent it to AIB who filled in the rest of the form for me, didnt have to go to my AFCO and it is definitely fine.


thanks everybody, so alastair, i just fill in what i can and send it off anyway and it gets done at the AIB?


Yep, the people at AIB are really helpful, I didnt realise I had to add all my uni addresses to the previous address list so they just rang me up and sent it back for me to add.


A hint for everyone doing SCs- Be exhaustive. The AFCO people can be difficult sometimes so when it says for you not to bother filling it in normally and to answer the question somewhere else, DO IT ANYWAY. And if your joining the reserves dont expect to be Security Cleared for at least 20 years after your death.


Lantern Swinger


Lantern Swinger
it will depend on how the offence is classified within the AFCO regs, check with them. Normally a fine has a 5 year rehab timescale but it'll depend on the conviction itself


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hey Scottie I posted this question in 2006 god that took along time for someone to reply. I thought it may never happen. Anyway I am off to Raleigh oct 5th I took my forms to my interview and they checked and filled in the rest. The last thing you want to do is send it off and then having mistakes on it. Get it checked over first.


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Smudge_3/06 said:
A hint for everyone doing SCs- Be exhaustive. The AFCO people can be difficult sometimes so when it says for you not to bother filling it in normally and to answer the question somewhere else, DO IT ANYWAY. And if your joining the reserves dont expect to be Security Cleared for at least 20 years after your death.

The hint is to simply fill it out correctly using the Security Questionnaire guidance notes.

The reason the AFCO are fussy over the correct completion of the form is that the Defence Vetting Agency (DVA) will simply reject it if there is incorrect or inaccurate information supplied. As Security Clearance costs a minimum of around £2.5K and takes around 8 weeks for the DVA to process even the most straightforward clearance, if you make a mistake, you delay your clearance. Your problem.

If you are indeed terminally unable to complete the form, then the clearance is valid for twelve months after your death or discharge from military service.
Hey, would I be right to assume that my security checks went alright if I have my PRMC next week? Or am I being a bit too positive? Surely they wouldn't waste resources on me unless I had checked out ok?


War Hero
It's possible you may have passed Security Clearance (SC) already, however many AFCOs will not submit your SC request until you have either passed a Royal Marines Acquaint Day (RMAD) before attending PRMC or even until after you have passed PRMC.

A SC costs a minimum of £2.5K, a PRMC comparatively less.
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