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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by brownie86, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone, im wanting to join up and have sent my application off, id like to do engineering (marine) if possible. Im not worried about passing any of the tests or the medical its the security check that has got me?? I split up with a girl i had been with for 6 years and all the people i went out with were her mates, so when we split they all just stopped goin out with me. I found it hard to go out because my confidence was shot to bits. My family made an appointment with the doctors who referd me to go see someone. They first thought i had a social phobia and wanted to give me drugs to help, which i didnt take. After a while i got better and realised it was just my low confidence that was the problem. Im fine now but because of that situation would that stop me getting in. On the security check questions it sais 'have you had any serious medical or psycological problems'. Would i have to put yes or can i just say no (because i dont). When they check my medical records will it show up i have been refered to see someone? Who authorises the security check? Is there any way of explaining it to them that it was a mistake to be refered and if i had a letter from the doctors saying so, would that help? Sorry this is so long i just want to find out. So if anyone can help it would be appreciated.
  2. After struggling to read through your post. I suggest it's not a security problem you may have more a phycological one.

    Thats if I got the gist of it. Like I said it's difficult to wade through with no breaks and poor comprehension.
  3. Yea sorry thats was pretty messy, edited it a liitle now
  4. Hmmm I guess guys on deployment in boats don't go out much either
  5. Brownie

    The question was "serious" psychological problems. Assuming you don't hear voices, howl at the moon or chase parked cars I can't see a problem although some more reliable sources will be along later. I would suggest you grow a thick skin, locking yourself away because some shallow friends ignore you won't help you in the RN.
  6. :lol: No i don't hear voices, howl at the moon, or chase parked cars.
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  19. Hi Brownie,

    Having read through your message I think I have the gist of it!!!

    Firstly you need to talk this through with your own careers advisor (CA), as he/she will be the one signing your security form when it is sent away. The Defence Vetting Agency do all our security checks and will use the likes of Experian (Finance), Police (Criminal records) etc.

    However, they will not normally contact your Dr unless you give them grounds to do so in the answers you give. The AFCO medical examiner will also question you about your previous medical history and they could potentially stop your application going forward.

    I think your best options is ring your careers advisor and ask for a chat about all this, they will then be able to advise you on the best way ahead. Don't worry yourself senseless about it, just be honest with your CA and see what they can do for you.

    Hope this helps


  20. Yea thats helped alot cheers supermario. Can the credit report stop you getting in aswell then? I dont have a squeeky clean credit history i know that for a fact. Or is it if you owe alot of money you get rejected?

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