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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bluefox, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Security Check !!

    Can any one help ?

    Ok I've applied to join the Navy as a WS(SM) and I've passed the interview, references have been received and accepted passed the PJFT. ETC, But I'm awaiting on the Security check. And Looking back at my finances (got a online credit check ) they hit rock bottom around my divorce back in 2005. Default notices toal 4 (made offers to pay) totalling around the 8K mark. There was no CCj's just these default notices.

    I have made offers of repayment and these are getting cleared slowly !

    Does this mean I will fail ? I did include them on my SC question and all my addresses ( that I could remember) moved around a bit in central London after my divorce.

    Can Any one help as I do not want to Balls up my dream job just because my marriage broke down and left me penniless 2 years ago !!

    Please can I have sensible answers only as I'm now having sleepless night's about all of this.

    The fox.

    P.S I have never been in trouble with the police
    PPS sorry if this question has been asked before !!!
  2. Its only advice and from a personal view point (am a MoD Civvy)

    No need to answer this but are you making payments ok or do you have IVAs in place? As long as you have been truthful and not missed anything out then there should not be too much of an issue but it can depend on the person who stamps the yes/no on the page. Also depends on what level of Clearance your being put through for...

    Anymore info I would talk to your Recruiting Officer....
  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the speedy response there, So my life Hangs on the balance of someone who does not know me. !! Grrrr .

    No Iva's listed or any CCJ's.. Just really worried about passing this thing. I also hold a response job working for a top 100 company dealing with a ledger worth around 50+mil A year would that hold me in good stead ?

    Sorry to be such a Pratt about asking such a simple question !! Just got to think positive !

    The fox
  4. hay
    a problem shared is a problem halved! ukdaytona is right.. it does depend on the person who will stamp the page and what level clearence you are required to have.. as long as you are honest there should not be a problem. otherwise PM ninja_stoker I thing he is a recuriter he should be able to help you.

    from ship_rat
  5. I have had multiple strikes against me being young and stupid.

    I still owe around £2000 in total but can pay off a huge deal of that when needed. (obviously prefer the cash in the kitty, as they are small payments each month - works out around £140 inclusive).

    Will this have an effect on my passing into the RN? I also missed 2 payments but paid immediately after (as they weren't my fault, direct debit came out on the wrong day!)

    I have been paying religiously since though and these payments have no hold on my financial life.
  6. Ben_C same as already stated, if your honest on your clearance forms and are being upfront with your creditors, should be ok. Keep all correspondance etc just in case.

    Always remember if you dont declare something then they will assume your hiding something. I have heard of someone with a 'live' credit card that they had not used for 2 or 3 years and didnt actually have the card/never requested new one and they got turned down because it wasnt on the form.....

    If in doubt talk to your Recruiting Officer.....
  7. The point of the SC is to check that you can't be blackmailed by anything financial (as well as other means). As has been stated, be open and honest on the forms, speak to your liaison officer (or recruitment officer or PSO, or whatever the term is these days) and you'll be alright. You wouldn't be the first Jack to have a blotchy financial record....
  8. Thanks olso my mind is slightly at rest, will be pottering down to AFCO tommrrow for a chat !!

    The fox
  9. Am sure thats not the reason for an SC on joining the RN, he's hardly having a DV!
  10. I would assume the main reasosn for an SC on joining the RN is to make sure that the person joining isn't going to be more trouble than his worth. IE always seeing his DO and credit companies constantly contacting his CO etc etc.
  11. No , the main reason for an SC on joining is to make sure that there is no serious previous criminal record or affiliations with political groups that would conflict with the service. I hardly think that in this current recruitment shortfall the RN is undergoing they are going to knock someone back just cos they have bad credit. How many matelots do you know who went mad with a Jack Blair card and got themselves in the brown and smelly after they joined up.

    Granted when it comes to DV thats a different ball game and they need to know all your history so it can't be used against you. During my interviews it was quite scary how much they knew over and above what I had told them, its probably even worse now with information being available as it is
  12. Work with a guy who has DV......
    Apparently apart from the 5hr interviews, they were answering questions for him coz he couldnt remember stuff or didnt know it......
  13. I've had one since 84 and your'e not far off the truth. I always get the impression they know more about me than what I do everytime I have my review!!
  14. I understand all you say, he was referring to finances etc though and thought that was his main conern, Apologies.
  15. Blue fox calm down mate!!! Ur getting too nervous pal, take it easy and get yourself fit! Your through all your stages now! Your financial status is NOT AT ALL relevant in your security check! Only previous convictions, previous addresses (which could have been left with outstanding debt???), criminal records etc. are matters which would be addressed. Its up to you to sort your finances out (you should have discussed if you can cope on the starting wage at your interview). Thats as far as it goes.

    Good luck (you don't need it for your security clearance, im referring to when you join)

  16. Spot on Jonno
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sorry Jonno, you're categorically wrong mate.

    Adverse CCJs, IVAs, Bankruptcy & defaulted loan payments can be a bar to gaining security clearance (not just DV). No security clearance - no entry.

    End of.

    Similarly you can be discharged from the service for subsequent default repayments, bounced cheques & all the above - categorised as "financial irresponsibility".
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Of all people I thought you might have known better!

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!

    I'm getting more than a little concerned with people offering duff advice to prospective joiners. If you don't know the answer, may I suggest you keep schtum? Or at least emphasise that you're not sure, but you THINK it's this or that?

    If I was joining up & got given the gash advice I've seen on this thread I'd be more than a little bit pissed off.
  19. We are not talking about someone who has major financial regularities against him and as long as they are in the open and discussed then I don't beleive that it will be an issue. I've seen/dealt with people discharged for financial problems and believe me they were a hundred times more serious than what we have been talking about in this thread. There are no CCJs or IVA's involved, in fact these default notices clear from your record in five years after the debt has been paid and are not a permanent blight on your credit record

    My original quote was an opinion but I stand by it after all I began it with "I hardly think" which indicates that it is just my thoughts, and I sure Bluefox is intelligent enough to understand that
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A default payment can be a bar to obtaining SC if you do not obtain a "letter of satisfaction" from your creditor that you have made good that shortfall.

    The Defence Vetting Agency do a credit check on all RN/RM joiners through Experian, credit reference agency. Adverse reference - no SC- no join.

    The RAF & Army do not clear all personnel to Secret. We do.

    Don't think for one minute that we "let people off" because we need to get bums on seats. We don't.

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