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Hello Sirs & Ladies

Completed the recruitment process apart from the Security check.

I've moved home about 4 times in the past 3 years (just little things really, like rent was slightly cheaper elsewhere, closer to work, changing work etc.) but because of this a few companies I've owed money to were trying to contact me and eventually tracked me down in which case I was happy to pay - Just little things really like phone bills and stuff.

To top it off when I quit work at the council they slapped me with a "salary overpayment" (don't get me started!) amounting to £1000 which I didn't find out about until 6 months down the line and they had started legal process's (ie. just sent me a letter).

Anyway, long story short. I owe about £1500s altogether and have monthly arrangements to pay them back but I also have £3000 in savings. I expressed in the security check booklet should I need to enter the navy "debt free" I will be happy to pay these off right away.
This shouldn't pose any problem should it?

Warm regards
Provided that you have not had to go to court or have any CCJ's against you then the answer is ......................You should be OK. How much are your out-goings on the loan?? If they are not over £350 pm, again you should be OK. Otherwise, why not settle the debt!!


Thanks mario & no I haven't had any CCJ's as, as soon as they actually contacted me I paid straight away.

Outgoings amount to about £100 a month.

I thought about settling but I recently got laid off work and I've applied to (exactly) 472 jobs in my field (IT). And I've only had job offers for work thats an hour drive away (i live in a crappy market town). So if I was to buy a new car, insurance I'd be looking at putting down £1500 to cover everything for the first month...

Instead I have decided to go to Malaysia to a mixed martial arts camp where I can live comfortably and get in the best shape i can be for basic training and not spend very much money.

Thanks for your prompt and kind reply
If the Malaysian martial arts camp thing doesn't happen and you get a joining date I would recommend that you pay the debt off before turning up for basic training. You obviously have the cash available and it will be one less thing for you to worry about.


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