Security Check Enquiries!!

Hi, today I passed my interview and completed my security check, I completed the security check, and everything that I filled in was right to my knowledge, however afterwards I was only to find out that i put mums surname at birth wrong( I know it sounds stupid because I should already know it) but would I be able to call the AFCO to inform them or even change it? Anyone know what I should do?

And you posted this gem in Finance & Pensions!

Mmmm, I can understand why you got your mums surname wrong!

And yes, give AFCO a ring. pre marital names isn't up there with treason - yet!!!! =D
What the hell did you move it to "Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting" for? This has the potential for "Diamond Lil's" written all over it... :tongue: You've taken the novelty of moderating a bit too seriously, haven't you?!
Move it to Lils (if it was in Lils I could say "******* trainees!!" but I can't at the moment.)

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