Security and DBS checks - Am I missing something?


I passed my interview on the 8th of Jan. WOO! Anyways the next step is my PJFT which I've already booked for next week and Security + DBS Checks.

I received documents regarding how to complete the forms for Security and DBS Checks after my interview. I am definitely missing something or I might just be reallyyy thick. Was I supposed to receive some sort of email from my AFCO with links to the form or am I supposed to go on to a specific website and complete it that way?

I haven't received any emails since that interview.

I really just want to get this done as soon as possible and already have wasted a week debating to myself.
Send help pls. Thanks.


I thought as much! I even looked at spam and nowt on there. Damnn, should I give my careers adviser a ring then to follow up? or should I wait till I do my PJFT and give him a ring then?

I’d give them a ring before your PRNC if possible! My vetting process actually hardly took no time at all and was completed within 2 weeks. But I know for some people it can take wayyy longer and they have to investigate things. So better off getting it squared away as early as possible! Just another thing to tick off as well once it’s done!


Well aye, 2 weeks! That's quick! I feel mines going to take awhile as I have lived abroad for awhile before applying. Defo ringing them up today and see whats gan on. Hope it's smooth sailing from here like haha.
Cheers for the advise matey! :)