Secure car parking for females

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Shakey, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Due to concerns over attacks on vulnerable females, Sheffield city council has introduced a female only car park,
    monitored by CCTV and staffed by females to create a safe female friendly environment.

    Below is a phot of the highly successful car park in use:

  2. ouch it stings!

    You do know women are only bad at parking because men tell them this _____________________ is 6 inches right? ;)
  3. I suppose it was about time for that one to come around again, on a more serious note our company gave priority for females for carparking within the secure perimeter, and it was stopped after complaints from the women who did not want to be treated specially.

  4. Hey love, mine's only four inches.

    But some girls like 'em even wider.
  5. I was getting myself all wound up to have a go at whatever crackpot implemented such a scheme and then you have the nerve to make it a funny.

    What am I goling to do with all this anger now? :roll:

  6. Try a few whitehall mandarins perhaps or some one line tony or gordon, that should use it all upnicely.


  7. Mines 6 inches , from the fxxxxxxxxxxg deck , :D :D

  8. I'm so surprised that all these gorgeous birds are ex rather than currently on the go if that's the case dondon :wink: :wink: :wink:
  9. A change is good as a rest as they say , :lol:
  11. as a new driver.......
    don't think this hasn't been tried before.....tried in bristol with very similar results.....
    There have been several scentific studies done on the differences in male and female drivers.
    The ladies seem to be better long distance drivers as they can hold thier concentration for longer periods, whereas the guys are better drivers in town and in heavy traffic because of better spacial awareness.

    I'm also a bike rider so I think ALL car drivers are crap.........don't use mirrors and don't indicate when they should (ie just before cutting across 3 lanes of traffic!)
  12. Can i be excused said insult please jesse, I have a bike licence. I am convinced all car drivers should be mandated to try riding a bike, it gives them a better idea of what it feels like, and would make them more aware.
  13. Having ridden a lot of bikes in the past i am amazed at the sheer stupidity of a lot of bikers.Living where i do, we have an influx of bikers each weekend heading to the coast.They "filter" down the hill at speeds that quite frankly are suicidal.Its not just the odd one or two but 90+% of them.Also the speed they ride on the B roads is alos ridiculous,they seem to forget that they stand a pretty good chance of meeting either a Tractor or an Artic carrying Sugar Beet head on.It needs education on BOTH parts not just car drivers or bikers!Generally the standard of driving in UK is appaling!And im not saying i am perfect!(bloody close though LOL)
  14. course you can's something I've been saying for years..... it would teach car(only) drivers the proper use of mirrors and shoulder checks........cos if you don't you're bouncing down the road on your ass sans motor bike

    and Yes bikers (gen) are not paragons of road behavior, however there are more bad car drivers than there are naff motorcyclists, so prehaps a little more consideration required from both sides
  15. As a car driver why should I try riding a bike, I don't want too! and why shoud we be more aware of a bikes? I ain't the one gonna get hurt when THEY hit my car. Yes I said it when THEY hit my car, I'll get bloody annoyed that I have to wait for them to come around in hospital before I get their insurance details thats if they come around at all, and then I have to wait for the insurance company to agree to the repairs. Just think how annoying it is having a big dent in the car!!

    I don't hit bikers they are the reckless ones that need the awareness, they are impatient and rude. They should know that car drivers are gonna pull out of a junction or that we are not always gonna use our indicators when you are trying to over take us. If you were more aware then I wouldn't have to be would I?

    What can of worms could this open up?
  16. CWNG...Lets open up those can of worms..
    Have just read your comments and without "biting" too much, can i just say what a load of bollox!! Yes, i'm a big bike rider (and car driver too) and you must be joking when you say you're safe in your little metal world of your car. Get side-swiped by a fast moving bike when you,ve just pulled out of that junction without looking, and it's like an Exorcet coming in!!
    I guess you do use your mirrors when overtaking (?) so whats the harm in moving that little arm of an indicator to show the rest of the world what you're intentions are? Bikes are kinda smaller then a car and harder to see but i guess that don't matter eh?
    Now having ranted about that, can understand that not all bike riders are goody goody as not all car drivers too, but when i am driving the car, because i am a bike rider, tend to antisipate the bike rider, And vice-versa.
    Rosie says that it would be good for car drivers to have a go on a bike, but if you have't ridden one before, stay off the road! Get her point tho.
    OK ,,rant over..ride free....DRIVE safe!!!!
  17. It's not what's on deck, but what you have got in the cable locker that counts.
  18. I have ridden quite a few bikes and it felt good :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. So many cyclists getting up set about car drivers.

    Until recently I was one of the 8 mph brigade driving a car over 35,000 miles each year within the M25. A vast amount being within 4 miles of the City of London.

    1. Why do bikers insist on undertaking ie on the inside at speeds of up to 100 mph. ????????????

    2. Why do bikers track along behind you sitting on your off side rear corner in the only blind spot on most cars???????

    3. Why do they form a starting grid at each set of lights and as soon as they anticipate the traffic has ceased all race off trying to out accelerate each other to the next set 100 yards down the road. ???????????

    4. Why do they not actually obey the traffic lights and other road signs. Only out performed on that one by cyclists.??????

    5. Why do bikers feel that car drivers should be able to anticipate, (THAT WORD AGAIN STRIPEY) you seem to be blessed with the gift. So why are you not anticipating what car drivers will do instead of complaining about a lack of signals. ??????

    6. Are bikers excused signaling or is it they just don't work, the lamp hanging off the end retained only by a bit of masking (gaffer) tape. ???

    7. Why to 40/50/60 white males think they can handle a Honyamkwasducat 1000cc Fireninjagofaster TOY. just because they rode a Triumph Trophy 650 30 years ago???????????

    8. Why is it 20% of road accident victims are bikers but they are less then 3% of the traffic. ????????????

    9. Why do all bikers think they age the greatest riders in the world and all others are wrong. Oh its a white male 40/50/60 thing is it ???????????

    10. Have I ridden a bike? Yes but never bigger than 250cc commuter special 30 years ago. Would I ride one now NO.

    "Going deep for 24 hours shut off for attack Ultra quiet routine, lay deck mats."


    PS Skunkmiester I am above the parapet again


    "The vessel being overtaken has right of way the overtaking vessel does not have right of way and is reponsible for its own saftey"

    This also applies to road users.
  20. #

    I ride a bike and I also drive a car.

    YOU are are a complete tool and utter banker. I shall resort to your pathetic take on life and hope you have a big accident and end up in hospital you fcuking idiot. People like you should have their licence revoked.

    Rant off. :twisted: :twisted:

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