Secuirty Clearance and Convictions

Security Clearance and Convictions

Hi all,

I'm just trying to get a few answers on a subject which is worrying me constantly

Here's the situation surrounding the problem-

Recently my ex of two years ended it with me over Facebook, it was quite abrupt and she waited until we'd dropped her off at home after taking her on holiday for a week and paying for everything.

I was obviously upset, rang her about 100 times? In the space of 3 weeks. Anyway so as things start to die down a knock on the door suddenly happens and the Police are at my door waiting to arrest me. Apparently it was a 'domestic' and it'd been taken to court, I was also convicted of malicious communications (I sent a message to her guy mate saying 'you won't be able to have sex with her, she's got a problem with sex...) so, two convictions, unsepnt, and 1 conviction for common assault from 3 years ago. I'll lsit everything shortly. I've been told by the Navy to come back in 12 months and they'll see what they can do.

So here's a full list of everything I have-

possessing an offensive weapon 2004 - I was 12 and it was a BB Gun, I received a police warning - under 18
criminal damage 2009 - reprimand - under 18
common assault by beating 2001 - spent now - over 18
on the spot fine for not scanning an item at Tesco (silly of me) - £80 fixed penalty - over 18
harassment section 2 and malicious communications - 140 hours community service, £250 fine, 9 months probation...... all for the sake of letting my heart rule my head

Now I know how bad it looks, apparently I'm a very decent person, I just fall into bad habbits, being 22 now though I'd say it was very safe to say life lessons are learnt and will not be forgotten, so please give me factual answers and then take the p1ss? :) It's a very very worring subject and all help is appreciated!

SO will this effect my security clearance? I've told the RN Recruiting staff about these, and they said once it's spent Jack, you can come back (or apply when you've completed the disposals and we'll try and get you in before)

I've always wanted to join the marines, I even opted for the Paras but came out of that because I felt so strongly for the Marines!

So again, help is very appreciated!
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Don't be concerned about piss taking. You're doing enough of it.

You've already been "told by the Navy to come back in 122 months..." At that time, if ( a big IF ) you are accepted, security clearance will become an issue. Until then.....
Apparently it should just be straight forward once these are spent. I've looked at each individual problem, and once these are spent then the only issue is the security clearance, so will they look at my convictions with a very dim view?
Only one way to find out really - apply! You should be thinking now about doing positive activities which will assist your application rather than worrying about the large bag of negatives which you all ready have. That bit is out of your hands now. Good luck.
Very kind words! Thankyou Pvivax! Well just an added note the RN Chief Petty Officer said as long as I don't get in trouble again it shouldn't be too much of an issue, it's rare that security clearances fail..
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I've just rang the Security Clearance help desk, I spoke to very kind woman who instructed me to stay out of trouble, and if I do and I'm completely honest then I'll get clearance, she said there were people with far worse than me.
Well, I've just got off the phone to the AFCO... I think it's safe to say they hate me with my mithering XD well it looks like 10 months from now then I can apply!


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Generally speaking, I'd go by the advice given by your AFCO rather than random punts by 'enthusiasts'.

As an aside, and possibly heartening to hear, I personally have zero confidence in the security clearance procedures undertaken. I'm fairly convinced that many, many applicants are accepted "on risk" simply to clear the backlog of unresolved applications. Can't prove it, but witnessing multiple SC applications outstanding for many months, suddenly granted within a week strikes me as odd.

Spent convictions need not be disclosed to your AFCO but ALL convictions, spent & unspent, must be declared on your security clearance application so that someone omniscient can throw the dice and fondle chicken giblets before granting SC.

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