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Hey i am joinning the navy and goign to get proccessed at meps in a couple days. I had mild asthma but i plan to be a rebel and mark no because, i havnt had any severe attacks or any attacks at all withing the past years. My recuiter says i can make it since i rarely use any inhalers at all. I am sure i can run their 1 1/2 mile in bootcamp. I was just wondering if i pick a job that needs security clearances, will they check my civilian medical records?


War Hero
Your Civilian Doctor will be asked to provide copies of your Medical Records.
DO NOT LIE ABOUT THIS, if you are found out at a later date and you probably will be you will be discharged and have very little chance of resuming a military career.
It will be better to wait the 4 year non inhaler use period that the Navy insists on for asthmatics, than be caught out and screwed for life.
Use the time to build your fitness, get some qualifications or work experience.


Declare it - if you don't then you'll very likely be found out and the consequences arn't good. If you have grown out of it (which it sounds like you have done) then it should not be an issue.

It does beg the question though - if you are happy to lie about this, then what else are you happy to lie about?


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Declare it.

My brother was in a very similar position as you, he hadn't had asthma in a while, and felt perfectly fine, he did not need inhalers or anything like that.

He declared that he had asthma, a few extra checks were required including a sign off from his GP as well as medical records. I think it maybe added another month onto his application process.

Your best bet is being honest, sounds cliche but mate trust me it is.

My brother is now at Sultan after being a AET for nearly a year, and loving it.


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a_nguyen125 said:
My recuiter says i can make it since i rarely use any inhalers at all. I am sure i can run their 1 1/2 mile in bootcamp. I was just wondering if i pick a job that needs security clearances, will they check my civilian medical records?

Are you sure?

For the Royal Navy or Royal Marines what may have been stated was that due to the amount of similar individuals that claim to have been prescribed and inhaler but not used them, there is a new method of assessing suitability for service. The new method was introduced to clear the backlog of individuals awaiting a specialist medical.

Individuals in this category may be invited at the Medical Examiner's discretion to undergo 4 weeks of vitalograph assessment for scrutiny by your Medical Examiner.

As stated, your GP will be contacted to complete an asthma questionnaire, so there's not much point telling porkies as you can be rejected for making a fraudulent application or discharged in the first 56 days of training if a previous medical condition becomes apparent.

Asthma has nothing to do with Security Clearance and incidentally, every RN & RM applicant is security cleared to at least secret regardless of trade. (Unlike some Army & RAF trades)


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If you've been pescribed inhalers, then as people have said, declare it. (In my opinion) it would just save time and hassle.

I thought I had asthma but it turns out I was just incredibly unfit, but I was lucky because I was never pescribed something.
I think the reference to MEPS means a_nguyen125 is talking about the US Navy.

This is a (British) Royal Navy site mate, you might be better off asking on :thumright:


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SouthLancsLad said:
I think the reference to MEPS means a_nguyen125 is talking about the US Navy.

This is a (British) Royal Navy site mate, you might be better off asking on :thumright:
Well spotted. Typical US style recruiting advice.


ive got my joining date through now, does that indicate the medical and m.o.d cheks have all been completed are ok'd. im just unsure on the whole process
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