Secret film from Labour HQ


Lantern Swinger
With all the party apparatchiks having their annual shindig in Manchester, it seems that Labour Party HQ has been left unattended.

Picture the scene...empty offices with broken promises littering the floor, mingling with the stench of despair and panic.

An intrepid party of brave souls managed to get all the way to the holy of holies (no, not Ruth Kelly's g-string), we found Brown's War Bunker. In the corner was a little red light, glowing forlornly. Upon investigation a high tech recording system was in operation, along with a large cupboard of surveillance tapes. Picking one at random, I can now reveal the scene following the Glasgow East by-election on July 24th.

Video link (not work safe)


Seen so many versions of that.

Let's face it - it suits Thatchbitch most accurately.

All that the evil cow missed was the 'tach.
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