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Secondary Roles.


Lantern Swinger
I was told a few days back about additional jobs you would have onboard such as firefighter ( the lady mentioned others but I was unable to hear clearly).

Could someone explain how they decide who does what role, and what these roles could be?

Just to clear up I mean I'm addition to being a chef/comms/deck etc.
Everybody does firefighting

Really? oh well must be the lucky exception, only drilled for it, for some reason the ships I have been on for the last decade haven't set themselves on fire that badly :p

But more seriously, there is your branch job, aka what you were hired for and you pulling your weight taking your share of the communal jobs that are required to keep a ship functioning.

These communal jobs include offloading rubbish and loading food when in port all who are not doing something else official are supposed to be involved in this (and yes I am aware they are favorite to shirk out of) as well as taking your turn as part of the Harbour Emergency (Response) Organisation. Also your billet number (the unique position you have on the ship) will determine your emergency station, whether you are part of the Standing Ship's Emergency Party, if you launch a lifeboat or bring stuff to it, if you man the guns, first aid party or firefighter.

Basically everything the ship does, that is not a core part of a branch, is spread out through the ships company. Roles not surprisingly are more manual if you are a newly qualified apprentice and more cerebral if you are the Captain or Chief Engineer, and everything in between for everyone else.

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