Second World War

Discussion in 'History' started by golden_rivet, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]

    WRNS drummer with the Royal Marines Band HMS ST VINCENT


    WW2 HMT Cornlian


    snow covered decks of HMS KING GEORGE V on Northern convoy duty


    Uckers HMS Verity WW2


    Paymaster Lieutenant J P M Goodbye RN, the stage manager, instructing the Hula-Hula girls during rehearsal of the Christmas entertainment on board a destroyer depot ship at Scapa Flow


    October 1940 - Typhoid Jabs


    Jenny the Monkey HMS Westminster


    HMS RODNEY IN 1940


    HMS IMPREGNABLE, Devonport




    gunner of HMS CELANDINE at the controls of a 20mm Oerlikon cannon


    Bayonet Practice HMS Wheatland WW2




    A sailor and his girlfriend are amongst the crowds listening to a speech by a member of the Socialist Party at Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park


    Christmas Pud HMS Cochrane November 1940


  2. G-R

    What an excellent set of photos of the type that rarely if ever get published into the public domain.

    THANKS Nutty

    Lets have another set soon

    Thats the fella for AAC the hairy three badgeman tasting the cake mix
  3. I find them quite moving really - esp the lads and lasses in the last one - just imagine how happy they were - I don't believe we will ever feel that sense of fulfillment.
  4. GR

    I magnified it to get a better look at the lassies. I just hope the two lads had a sense of fulfillment the next morning gorgeous or what.

    I think most of us have been part of large happy crowd. Diane and Chuck's wedding eve and day when I was on duty in The Mall in plain clothes. Wining World Cup 66. Wimbledon dicking the Scouser's in the FA Cup.

    Then it was a much more innocent time.

  5. Cracking set of phots GR :)
  6. They are great can't wait for the next lot.

    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  7. Excellent set of piccies GR.
    I WAS THERE in Trafalgar Square on VE night - with adults from my family of course - I was only ten, and I'm afraid I didn't witness that scene in the fountain at first hand. Lots of other similar scenes though, and the atmosphere was unbelievable. Rode part of the way back home to Brixton hanging on to the outside of a tram (standing on the back bumper), H&E would have a fit these days!
    Really brought back memories, thank you.

  8. Re the fountaineers. Yes, I too was there - not in uniform but just waiting the 'call to arms' as I thought it, almost 17 and full of p..s & Vinegar. By 11 pm I was ever so slightly inebriated, courtesy of a bunch of Canadian Air Force chaps. In all that crowd I managed to find my big sister who finally got me home to SW London by the milk train. Boy was my Mum pleased.
    I eventually joined Royal Arthur in November '45, after it was all over.
    BUT, that day in London will stay with me always.
  9. AAC

    The chip cutter was looking down over the devils elbow from the first platform at the G Spot (Royal Arthur) if I am not mistaken.

  10. Brill shots,makes you wonder where they all are now or what happened to them.
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, dunno but I reckon that's Uncle Albert on his rack on board HMS Battler... it was the pipe what gave him away! :lol:
  12. GR Very Many thanks they are really good quality, and interesting.

    I think I have to agree with Nutty's 11.55 post that the mast shout id the G spot.

    However thanks.
  13. [​IMG]

    Wrens on the 25 yard revolver range


    sailors wearing boots and raincoats off for a game of football ashore at Rosyth


    member of WRNS cuts an iron bar using an oxy-acetelene torch as part of her training to become a Ship Mechanic


    Sailors of HMS DEFIANCE, Devonport, receiving their pay on the quarterdeck. The old figurehead of HMS DEFIANCE can be seen behind them


    A sailor secures his hammock


    A working party of Wrens scrubbing out a boat in Plymouth


    The early hours of the morning chill on board HMS JACKAL during night exercises


    Wren craftswomen working in the riggers shop on board HMS TORMENTOR


    Rating washing clothes aboard HMS BROKE


    Wren fitters at work at a naval depot in Greenock


    The 'up spirits' ceremony


    Wren radio mechanics and operators at a RNAS station in Donibristle, Fife coming off duty


    Torpedomen putting depth settings on the depth charges on board HMS JAVELIN


    Wrens, in Liverpool, make toys from scraps of old clothing as Christmas gifts to the children of local sailors
  14. Was the caption on the first one

    "Whoa Jenny I only asked for a shag thats not a Capital Offence yet is it"

  15. Nutty & Pinch,

    It looks similar, but according to GR it's Preggers (HMS Impregnable). That's odd because I though she was still a hulk until she was closed. Interestingly, in the 1940s Michael Foot was one of the strongest supporters for her retention as a training ship for youngsters - in a House of Commons Debate on her future... How things change.

    Still looks horrifying high. Anyone getting higher that the Devil's Elbow deserved the VC IMHO! Uurgh...heights!

  16. Nah; they're just flashing their 36s!

    What turn on, eh.
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    FFS civvy, is there no forum or thread that you won't post your attention seeking, beard loving, man loving nonsense on? We know, we've heard, give it a rest.

    This is Naval History, not gay chatline.
  18. Thread edited for needless commentary.

    Golden, Pic 12 appears to be Air Transport Auxillary Pilots. Wasn't aware or Wren Aircrew in WW2 , especially as that's a Shagbat on the right, with a mighty Swordfish behind.

    Or are they Wrens on an Air Experience Jolly?
  19. If it was a wooden walled ship the rigging would go to the port and starboard sides not into the gound/deck.

    Can you see any sign of wooden planks on the deck.

    Why would they put up tripod to support the saftey net and how did they concrete them into a wood deck.

    It is to wide to be a mast set on a ship that being the left to right or top to bottom beam of the photograph.

    That is not a floating type ship where ever it is.


  20. Hi PTP

    sorry mate - hadn't got round to finishing captions -that one is...

    "Wren radio mechanics and operators at a RNAS station in Donibristle, Fife coming off duty"

    will finish them today or tomorrow :)

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