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Second Time Stupid

This is the UN we're talking about. Common sense has never been a part of the UN charter. Surely they could hire security like many shipping lines do in dodgy parts of the world, or ask any one of the member nations to provide a few troops. Not hard.
The UN is totaly spineless , spends years debating and never comes up with the required mandate , and even when it does most of the Countrys will not contribute manpower , NATO in Afganistan springs to mind , we must be fxxxxxxxg stupid , :sad:
As ever the press play with our minds in the headline. As they pointout below this was a chartered ship to carry stores from A to B, security is the shipping lines problem, they took on the risk and probably have insurance cover. Had it actually been a UN Ship I suspect they would have wanted the equivalent of a US carrier battle group as protection.

Regretably this sort of piracy is endemic in quite a few parts of the world, so this incident is neither unique or particularly special.
I suspect that Toni Bliar is, as we write, making plans to send the RN's ship to sort out the piracy problem :wink: :wink:
phil1972 said:

This is the second time pirates have tried to hijack this vessel, last time was in 2003. Why dont they arm these vessels? Or are they just stupid?

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