second stage

(I’m going in for AH) when your doing the second stage of your training how often can you leave base?

thing is I want to try to see my Mrs and kid as much as possible while in the RN.

and a question to those who have been and done Raleigh, how many times were you permitted to leave base and how long for?

(btw totally expect some sarcy & rude comments so feel free :) sooo not bothered!)
I understand your phase 2 traing at Culdrose will start ASAP after pt 1. You will get the evenings/weekends off unless training or duty requirements exist.
Don't know about these days but getting out of Raleigh in the early days was near impossible.

Have you learnt to parade around like you own the place yet?
Don't worry you will!!! Putting out your practice fires!!!

Peterborough to Culdrose is a long way, I live in Stamford! Bitch of a journey.

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