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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rookie-WWFC, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Failed the first due to a problem with my ear and possibly Acne, although he said he'd seen worst acne and didn't make it clear what i'd failed on in fact he didn't make it clear i'd failed at all i didn't find out for ages but oh well the examiner was in a rush.

    I now have my second medical am assured by the doctor my ear is now fine and have taken medication for the acne which i'm now off.

    Any idea what the second medical will be like? The exact same as before or will he only check the two previous problems but in more detail?
  2. Not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure they'll check everything again because you might have developed an unrelated problem in the mean time.
  3. Figured, cheers. This questions been asked before but drinking protein drinks won't interrupt with the nitrate test will it?
  4. Depends how long ago your first medical was, if it was only a couple of months ago, they will just check the things you failed on, if it was 6 or more months they probably will do a full medical.


  5. October...what you think?
  6. In that case they will probably just do an update medical ie chat about the previous pick-up points.


  7. I think that you have problems, first of all you come across as some sort of ********, second of all, I wish to fukc that I had never started this.
  8. rookie-wwfc, dont listen to hig the PIG he's an old cnut who sits on fourms giving people stick instead of helping them out!! it says more about him then it does about you mate.
  9. werqpr, what a sensible young man you are, why bother to go to a Recruiting Office when you can come onto this Unofficial Site and ask so many dumb fukcing questions?

    Go to the Recruiting Office and ask them. God, they have boring lives and deserve a laugh like the rest of us.

    And you have been in the Royal Navy for exactly how long?
  10. Failed Medical for zits!! Fook me they must have been mahoosive and covered half your dial to fail you for that.
    Which ear was it that you had the problem with L Or R? My MedicalDiagonosisUSB is picking up extreme earwax in your left and a semi perforated anvil on the right. Also your athletes foot is disgusting!
  11. Hig the Pig don't listen to werqpr he's just some young bugger who comes onto forums to increase your blood pressure and virtually poke your piles! 8O
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont forget to clean your bell-end, knob rot isn't a good look.
  13. Hig you always make me laugh tw*t - thats what I miss the most, keep being the grumpy fecker you are - you still in mate if you are you must be a f*cking chef or is it Catering Services.
  14. Pot, kettle, a very dark looking colour. I think you can figure the rest out.

    Then why the hell did you?

    Good luck on your medical, Rookie.
  15. Trust you to check out his c0ck! :lol: 8O
  16. Stan the Man......I started a thread on here called service docs, can`t remember what forum, probably Diamond Lil`s, all you need to know about me is on there.

    Tim, thick and dim, grow up, try coming up with something original, please tell me that your Grandmother was not French and lived in Cannes, around 1958.
  17. She's Scottish, thankfully.

    Why do you even post in threads if you're not going to help out? [email protected]
  18. Hig the pig doesn't like me he winds me up and I wind him up back but he thinks I'm serious so you know, it's subtle which is why it amuses me. I wasn't failed on acne no, i was failed cause i was on medication for it and i had ear wax in the right ear yes which has since been syringed thanks for asking. I come across very unclean but I prefer to think the medical is just very thorough.
  19. higthepig doesn't like anyone. He's a bitter, twisted man.

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