Second medical and skin disorder


I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am applying to become an Observer but am having some problems getting through my medical. Anyway having appealed it looks like I am going to get the go ahead to do my FATS and then the AIB.

However what I wanted to know was, since I will be getting a second medical, what does this one focus on that the other did not? Is it before or after AIB (I suspect after but just want to clairfy) Or more to the point, is it likely/possible that having got through the first medical, I will then be rejected at the second for the same condition that caused the problems in the first place?

Basically I had a history of eczima on my hands when I was a child, which all but disappeared. However it flared up again for about a week, affecting a small part of my hand, when I came back from travelling 6 months ago, as I was living in a house that had animals in it again and they caused a slight temporary reaction until I got used to it.

has anyone else had this problem and got through? I know that it says specifically on the application that those with 'chronic eczima' cannot be considered, and my AFCOME showed me the regulations he had to go by when considering me. But it is the first time in years I have had a problem, and because of my age (I am nearly 25 now), I can't afford to hang around.

I just wanted to know if anyone had similar problem/experience that had got through the process, or anyone with other pearls of wisdom (I couldn't find anything about it really on the forum already, but my apologies if this has already been done to death!).

Thanks everybody

Hello Littleshinydemon!

We have a contributor called Angrydoc who is in RN Medicine and two contributors who are RN Careers Advisors in AFCOs (Supermario and Ninja_Stoker) - I'm sure that they will be along at some point and will advise.

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