seccond interview date has arrived!


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i got in the post today my second interview.

its on the 29th July at 9 30 and now the nerves start to build. i hope i have found enough information about my chosen branch the FAA and about being an AET .

I have been reading on here now for 2 weeks and have read some very interesting threads and hd quite a few laughs over them and my own that i have posted so i would just like to say thank you guys for giving me a boost in confidence and information i just couldn't find anywhere else.

the only problem is im on holiday that week down in Northampton at the festival of history. (anyone going to that? kelmarsh hall Kettering for the 25th and 26th ?) and i need to work out how to have my suet ironed and smart and my shoes polished when im in a caravan with no electric that is an hour or 2 away from Nottingham. any tips?

he is just interviewing me for my branch knowledge because at the time i had had only 1 week to find out enough about it. now i have had 6 months i feel fairly confident all thanks to you people. could he ask me on anything else , he said i did fine on everything ( i think) except for that.

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Lantern Swinger
Thanks again soliel, u help me again :)

i had read that post before but i had forgot what it said, so its good to be reminded i expect i will need reminding a lot of the time so i will get in a habit of asking to be sure i have everything right. note taking should be useful too, sketches and things too?

i read a tip where someone said any circuits he worked on he always sketched them for later overview to help memorise them. is there any more tips like that i can take on board because its been over a year since i left collage and lets say they didn't teach us many learning methods or ways of recall and any i had were my own developed, i used to just try to absorb it because it was he best thing i could do. i would ask a question and the teacher, mainly physics would not help.
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