SeaWolf Missiles?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NavalWonder, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I read on that the missiles cost like £50000, but not sure how accurate that is... and I am pretty sure that was from around 1982.

    Anyone happen to know what these cost now, or at least where I could find this info? All I have seen are upgrade contracts, not actual prices.

    I figured if anyone knew it would you be you all, thanks
  2. I was onboard HMS Brilliant and the seawolf missiles were expensive, since there were considerably more made in the ensuing years the cost has come down considerably. You can probably pick one up at any reasonable Government surplus shop. (Try Bogie Knights in Plymouth) for about £2.50p :wink:
  3. lol Unfortunately they are clean out. Does the MOD happen to track things like this in their budget?
  4. Probably you need to PM "Guns" for an honest answer.
  5. Perhaps you should try for a Sea Chiwawa, thats the smaller compact version sold to unfriendly nations. Annoying little missiles, make a lot of noice and can cause a little damage. :oops:
  6. PM sent. Thank you for the help trelawney126, and hopefully Guns or someone else might have some more ideas :)


    lol who knew this forum would be full of so many jokesters :D
  7. I am only a novice, there are a great many on this site with tremendous sense of humour. Keep visiting and you'll find out who they are. Its a great site for naval information and Naval Gazer is a walking encyclopaedia
  8. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Have PM'd. The cost of the missile per item is hard to find out. The whole project was an upgrade to the system so costs are spread around the R&D, manufacture and servicing costs.

    What has happened is the old missile system has been upgraded to provided a better, more reliable first hit capability for the new generation of Anti Ship Missiles (ASM). So radars, guidance, propellant, fusing - everything - was upgraded.

    Without giving too much away the missile is better at taking out the faster low level threats we are seeing under development or in service with so many nations. In essence a much better missile that does a few things I like and will mean (god forbid) we end up having to hack supersonic missiles we will stand a better chance than before.
  9. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    To add from the BAe press release in 2008

    BAE Systems has been awarded a £141m contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to maintain the Seawolf air defence system on board the Royal Navy’s. Type 22 and Type 23 Frigates.

    The SWISS (Seawolf In Service Support) Contract for Availability (CfA), alongside a complementary contract awarded to the missile systems company MBDA, will sustain the capability of the Seawolf system and ensure its readiness and availability until the end of 2017.

    The Seawolf system is a fully automatic, all weather, day and night, naval point defence missile system designed to protect surface ships from airborne attack.

    Guy Griffiths managing director, BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies said “This long term support solution provides improved availability and continuous improvement through more proactive and flexible support arrangements delivered directly to the ship and cost savings of over £40M to the Royal Navy over the life-time of the contract.â€

    BAE Systems has been providing in service support for the Seawolf radars and command and control systems since 1979. BAE Systems are now also responsible for refit activities which enable further optimisation of the support solution through the life of the product.

    In co-operation with MBDA, BAE Systems will ensure that the performance of the Seawolf system, as measured by successful in service firings, is maintained throughout the duration of the contract.

    SWISS will also provide support to the Seawolf Mid Life Update (SWMLU) variant. The equipment for HMS Sutherland, the Type 23 SWMLU First of Class ship has been converted and installed onto the ship.
  10. Ex Seawolf maintainer here, missiles generally cost about £75000. The new Batch 2 version we succesfully trialled on Cumberland in 06 is a vast improvement on the batch 1, i.e. gather-guidance phase vastly improved.
    Should be interesting to find out how Campbeltown is doing(first T22 to get SWMLU), seeing how Sutherland suffered teething problems. BTW Guns the performance of Seawolf really is dependant on its TI source, T23s are still lagging behind the T22s, hence 996 replacement on the way.
  11. You guys are awesome, thank you both for the information. So the performance of the upgrade for Block 2 varies from each ship its on?

    Just from the articles online about block 2, they said they upgraded/added -

    "electronic actuation system
    Infrared-Radiofrequency (IR-RF) fuse for better performance against low flying and low signature targets
    ASRAAM's smart multi-chip module for improved processing capability"

    Oh and Mac, I assume that the £75000 is not for the Seawolf Block 2, but for the non upgraded variant... Just going off of what Guns was saying of it being a whole upgrade package, rather than the whole thing being broken down?
  12. Oh, I gotcha now, I misread what you said.

    lol the model would be cool.. but to build a comparable scale model of the ship to mount it on might to be to much of an undertaking :D
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Having first met Seawolf in 1968 (there's a nice bit of film somewhere showing an inguided firing at Aberporth with the paving slabs around the launcher flying around in the air) it's nice to know the little darling is still going strong.
  14. Not wishing to dispute you, are you certain it was a Seawolf, the system in use around the 60's and 70's on the Leanders was the Seacat system. Didn't think Seawolf was in development that early, my first introduction to the beastie was in 1981 on a type22. Perhaps you could clarify always open to expand my limited RN knowledge :wink:
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes indeed it was Seawolf. It was some years away from actually going to sea then of course. The lead time on weapon systems is quite long. Although in another corner the RN was talking to the Frogs about Exocet, in the SAM corner sea-skimmers weren't being thought about.
  16. Many thanks
  17. The only missile I had in my time was the Bofor gun and a 4.5" so I know nowt about them but I do remember a room in Whale Island filled with a lot of different missiles that were commissioned and discarded at tremendous cost.
    I have long thought we should just buy them [except from the French,cheering Exocet workers?] but I don't know how good our missiles are on the new destroyers yet we seem to lead the world in underwater detection,something wrong somewhere, but I don't know.
    Do we have anything like the USA Patriot anti-missile system?lot of friendly Mid East countries have purchased them.
  18. I was on a county class in the 60's that fired seaslug... cutting edge at the time... but that was when we had a navy, and parts of the world had fleets, like med, far east, and home, and destroyers had squadrons.. and I'm showing my age.... time for my medication !.......'nurse'
  19. Like to reaasure the old boys, lessons learnt from '82 have given us the best PDMS (point defense missile system) and CIWS(close in weapons system thanks integration of goalkeeper and phalanx) in all nato navies. Once Seawolf has a hold of something, that thing regardless of wether its a supersonic sea skimmer or a mig 29 is coming down, unless it breaks off.

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