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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by aarcc, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone out there give me the full lowdown on what the SD Branch did and it's exact role.

    Additionaly what role did the Officers have?

  2. old seaward defence branch was formed to replace DEFPA secondment,(defence of ports and anchorages) which was an RNR req.
    basically securing our ports and roads from foreign terrorist infiltration. boarding merchant ships from RIBs, closing down access to/from civvy ports.
    they were binned around 93/94.
    if you think this sounds a bit like today's GSSR -----------------------------------------------------
    you would be correct, stand still long enough and everything comes around. :oops:
  3. Well not suprising.

    Having SD back would give the RNR a clear role and I'm sure the Contigency Planning Authorities would welcome having the RNR ready to use for port & key point defence.
  4. I think the old RNXS was part of the seaward defence set up !! They binned that years ago too along with a lot of RNR RNVR type billets. All in the name of economy.

    RNR has always been just that--Royal Navy Reserve --the fighting ship Navy

    When they had RNVR it was usually them that did the coastal/harbour defence and of course the minesweepers manning. Most of them were fishermen anyway --and they were paid a bounty .

    Officers in those days were commissioned 'skipper' on small craft.
  5. The roles of the RNR have to be a requirement of the Royal Navy, not of what would prove a clear role. That's why we have functional employers.
    Think of it more as providing manpower, sometime specialist and sometimes more generally, to the fleet. That may be in Iraq or Afghanistan, or it may be providing GSSR to an RFA in Singapore. It doesn't really matter. The more we do that the fleet require then the more we would have a defined role.
  6. The Seaward Defence Branch was very like the GSSR - except that we not only knew what we were meant to be doing but also we were allowed to get on with it with little interference.
    This gave everyone the chance to develop the wide range of skills needed for the job and this led to a great esprit de corps as we all knew that everyone could do all of the tasks we had to carry out. Obviously we all had strengths and weaknesses but we all knew what they were.
    I regard my time in the SD as some of the most challenging and rewarding I've had in the RNR
  7. Not in the SD branch but had great fun commanding a PDP in Exercise Brave Defender in the 80s. Lots of shooting at the Army when they attacked the PHQ. Refined one's prisoner handling techniques with captured divers and a great punch up when we boarded a "Soviet" MSF.
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    That wouldn't have been the Carron down in Brizzle would it? I wasn't on her for that exercise, but later joined a crew with a large proportion of Brave Defender personnel - it was quite disconcerting at times when the Skipper uttered his helm orders in a fake Russian accent and started waxing lyrical about the time that the Soviet vessel Carron-ski had conducted a single handed invasion of the South West - he particularly took great delight in ignoring all orders and creating, in his words, total mayhem.
  9. Nah, next big river up. Sure that wasn't just a Belfast accent?
  10. Lurch

    Did you keep any paperwork on the Branch?

    Training programme, training matrix, taskbook etc?


  11. Aarc,

    I'll round up what Ive got nexty time I'm in the unit. But it's bound to be a bit of a potmess after all this time.

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