Seatime for Harrier AETs

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by stan_the_man, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Guys my daughter has been in the RN now for almost 2 1/2 years and has yet to go to sea or deploy anywhere. It seems she's almost a Crab now having been with the RAF since passing out of Sultan, as far as I can see whenever the Harriers deploy it becomes a jolly and the younger guys are left at home. To be truthful I doubt we will ever see the JSF or whatever its called or the Carriers she might as well apply to transfer to the RAF because at this rate she will do her time without ever going through the Solent - what a fecking waste. :(
  2. Bollocks. The last two Strike Wing Dets have been full squadron moves.
  3. Shippers she hasn't even got out of Wittering yet
  4. Well she's not front line then is she? She will have plenty of sea time when she joins a front line squadron (preferably NSW :thumbleft: ). It is the way of the world that the training pipeline is longer than it once was.

    We have done 2 CVS dets this year with a third just around the corner, once she's at the pointy end she'll be reet.
  5. My son is a chief tiff with the Junglies, he has just completed 10 1/2 years service and has only ever gone to sea once on Ocean for a grand total of about 7 weeks. Never been back to sea since he was a trainee tiff.
  6. Glad i was a sailor,ferk me 7 weeks sea time in 10 1/2 years, 8)
  7. Thanks guys I'd been round the world and lost my cherry by the time I was 17. He was a nice bloke!! Just worried she will go off the idea and opt to leave as soon as she can without seeing what the mob is really like
  8. OMG!! F*****g shave off :oops: :oops: Had the Father in law over yesterday, Proper Matelot. Said he was on a Far East commission for 18 months came back to Pompey had 6 weeks leave, went back on board, the Venus and asked the lads are we home waters???? No pick up the Snottys at Dartmouth and out to the Carribean for 7 months!!!!!
  9. A mate of mine joined up in 1990 as a tiff he's a chief tiff now (or what ever they're called) and I believe he's only done 2 months sea time. although he currently doing a stint in Afganistan but that's not sea time lol

    The rest of his time has been spent based at Culdrose lol
  10. Mate, now Afghanistan is no longer a commitment for Harrier, we are looking at around 2-3 ship dets plus 1-2 exercises abroad per year. That said, the ship dets are never full deployments, more likely exercises and JMC's etc.

    I would talk her into moving onto Lynx if it's sailing the seven seas she's after.
  11. Harriers are going to sea now!!!!! Thank God I left.

    She could ever go onto Piss Poor 4(AC) or 1(F) Squadron. I went on board with 1(F).

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