Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by HMMM_Aphrodite, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. I'm will be doing my basic training soon. From reading through the topics here I understand that to be ready for mobilisation in SeaRes branch you have to do a further 6 weeks training.

    My question is, would it be possible to do the 6 weeks in one hit, if I was willing to mobilise ASAP?

  2. If you have the available time then yes, assuming you're over 18 and provided the courses are running and you can book them back-to-back.
    Expect however much hassle, paperwork, JPA crap and letdowns. Welcome to the RNR!
  3. So long as the courses you are doing are relevant to getting you to trained strength then you shouldn't have any trouble in doing all the courses in one year.

    You are requred to do;

    2 weeks basic training HMS RALEIGH
    1 week OG518 basic weapons handling course.
    1 week OG547 SPO course.
    1 week Basic Sea Survival
    1 week 1st aid.

    After this and before you actually deploy you will also have to learn the General Purpose Machine Gun and Mini-gun but this would be done as part of your pre-deployment training.

    I would suggest that you would not be able to do the courses back to back. The reason being if you fail anything at basic training (unlikely, i know) you can't progress any further until completed, if you fail OG518 you can't do the OG547.

    Once you've completed Raleigh you should be able to book your BSSC, OG518 and 1st aid but i would say that they wouldn't let you book OG547 until completion of the OG518.

    Hope the above makes sense? 8O
  4. Thanks to TH and others for offering support to one of the newest members of my branch.
    The actual route ahead is slightly different to what has been posted.
    1. You (obviously) have to complete 2 weeks basic training (as do all New Entrants)
    2. You then join the branch and haveto complete:
    A. Phase 1 Sea Saftey Course (1 week - the "safe deck hand" course)
    B.OG518NE (1 week - learning how to fire the SA80, and a bit of basic small-arms training)
    C.OG547PJA (1 week - learning how to be a member of the Ships' Protection Organisation [SPO])
    D.BSSC (1 week - learning a bit of fire fighting and sea survival)
    E. 12 days understudying a SPO member in a Frigate or Destroyer - From NEXT YEAR, I am hoping that this 12 day period can be replaced by attendance at the Cyprus 2 week Battle Camp - but I have a bit of work to do in changing the training that we deliver at future Battle Camps.

    Very occasionally, point E can be replaced by some of the specific training that you recieve after you have been called up.

    The bottom line is: If you have the time, and your Unit/RFPO back you, I will request extra Man Training Days, and you can complete the courses as quickly as you can book them up.

    Please feel free to PM me, and I can arrange for your RFPO to discuss your case with your Unit

  5. Hoofing, nothing like a bit of training as you mean to fight....

    Anyway, back to this blokes question, you may wish to get this training in back to back, but I wouldn't plan on it - I'd give over at least a year until you get to RALEIGH, and from that point onwards you should be in the hands of your Branch Specialists.
  6. Its an admirable thing to want to join the Reserves just make sure your partner if you have one is as enthusiastic oh and lets not forget your employer. The drill nights are no problem the odd weekend will be tolerated by loved ones but what about when you disappear for a whole year. The desk bound Johnny's sitting in their offices signing off snotty emails Yours Aye will not give a stuff when your marriage goes down the shi??er. Much worse was the case of one poor unfortunate girl who was mobilised, she was bludgeoned and had her throat crushed when her marriage failed; by her reservist husband. Yes the OBE hunters wont be interested when you get passed over for promotion and if your health suffers find you are first in line for redundancy.

    Its not all bad if you are single and knocking around in a pants job it is a great opportunity to do the Governments dirty work on the cheap but if you fancy a career in the services join up full time and get the better deal.
  7. Feeling victimised by any chance?
    Plenty of husbands and wives with no military connections have killed each other for this and that. Always have and always will do!
    Does anyone actually have the figures for what it costs (on average, with all the awards and compensations) to mobilise a Reservist, compared with a Regular doing the same job? It's probably quite evenly matched. Certainly not 'on the cheap'.
  8. There was a bit more to that than just mobilisation. I'd suggest you wind your neck in a bit, as there are still plenty of people in the RNR who knew one or other of the people involved, some of whom may post in this forum.

  9. Bad taste mate - wind your f*ckin neck in! :evil: :x
  10. Since my last post, the thought has occurred that someone with:

    The username 'thevictims'
    Only one post
    Posting contentious rubbish

    can only be a troll of the worst kind.

  11. What a load of shit curdling arse

    Of course you are correct "thevictims" because if you join up full time this will exempt your mortgage from going down the addition it provides a cast ironed guarantee that if you get home from a deployment to find your missus has run off with the milkman that some people won't get angry and bads things happen..!!

    So ends sarcasm lesson 1
  12. Given that the initial question has been answered, this is going nowhere useful.
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