searching for more info on my father

Hello i am hoping i can get a little help. my father recently past away and was a very proud Royal British Marine. i remember him talking about the run rations aboard ship. i am filling out papers and with his discharge papers so old it is hard to tell what his rank was. it looks like Mne but am not too sure. if someone out there has an idea of what the ranks ment that would be great. my mother and i just found out he was a petty officer. PO/X 115 ...

thanks in advance for the help


War Hero
POD go and have a look through this web site, somewhere in there you should be able to find someone who can help you.
BTW your father, unless he was in the Royal Marines, and the RN at different times, is not likely to have had the Rank of Marine and a Petty officer.
Mne definately stands for Marine which is similar to the Army rank of Private. What makes you think he was a Petty Officer? The PO/X might of been his service number.

Good Luck
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