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searching for info on Raymond Dutton HMS Fulmer, 1946


searching for any photographs, information, stories happy or sad on my relative, RAYMOND DUTTON, Able Seaman C/JX 549398 served at HMS Fulmer, Lossiemouth upto November 1946, where he sadly died on his 21st birthday.


War Hero
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt Of Honour
First name(s)Raymond
Last nameDutton
Birth year1925
Death year1946
Death date20 Nov 1946
NumberC/JX 549398
RankAble Seaman
UnitH.M.S. Fulmer
RegimentRoyal Navy
Grave referencePanel 2.
Cemetery or MemorialRochdale Crematorium
Burial countryUnited Kingdom
Additional informationSon of Ethel Hargreaves, of Rochdale; husband of Margaret Dutton, of Spotland, Rochdale.
WarSecond World War, 1939-1945
Record setCommonwealth War Graves Commission Debt Of Honour
CategoryMilitary, armed forces & conflict
SubcategorySecond World War
Collections fromGreat Britain, UK None


Thanks Dusty70 I have all this info, he has also got his name on the cenotaph in my local cemetery, plus a certificate of recognition, I was hoping there may be an old photographs of him somewhere as we have none in the family.
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