Searching for a ship's bell


This is a long status but please bear with me. In 1968 when our daughter was born my husband was serving on HMS Clarbeston based in Plymouth and we decided to have her baptised in the ship's bell. A plinth was made and the bell was engraved with the words: Denise Kate Margetts December 22nd 1968 (I can't remember exactly what form that inscription took but that was the basic content). We were given permission to take the bell up to the Cotswolds where she was baptised in the church where we had married two years before. When the ship paid off, the two previous captains of the Clarbeston gave up their rights to the bell so that we would have the right to purchase it but, sadly, it went to an unknown buyer. Over the years, we have periodically tried various avenues in searching for the bell as we have never given up hope that someone, somewhere, knows where it is but to no avail. If my Facebook friends would be so kind as to share this post and their friends could do the same, who knows, we could finally get the chance to acquire the bell. I would so love my daughter to have it after nearly 50 years of searching. Thank you in advance for your support! X


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Is that the drumend of a winch and cleats,or someone throwing up over the port bow? Iron men in wooden ships...:)

HMNB Rosyth 1978. HMS Repton secured as outside ship in a trot of 2. I was the middle, everyone else turned in. 03 dubs a Jock Modplod brings a wet bleeding bundle over the brow and asks, "Is this yours?" It was indeed LMEM X, usually 5ft 3in vertical by 8ft lateral (I was at Imperial College, we don't do non-imperial units) returning on board drunk from his run ashore.

Got the POOW out of his pit, got X to his bunk. Story was, he'd got so wasted, the civvy police tried to grab him and he put several on the ground before being arrested, so the Sheriff Court was waiting AND he was in the rattle on board.

When I surfaced after my extra 30 min, X was still out of it in his lower bunk but he'd been provided with cell bars made of white maskers!

Slipped and proceeded, X came on deck about 1100, ran to the side, threw up once and went back to work.

Wooden ships, iron men? [emoji848]