Searching for a father



Now edited because I've made my point.

And because I'm a nice man.
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I might have but I had my pussers think blacks on so I cant have been his father thank fuck! She loved it though but I suspect she did with all bobby!
Try and do a search as long as its the guys real name it'll come up with all UK names .
Has he got a birth certificate with Daddies name and was Daddy paying child maintenance etc . If the guy is still in the RN
might be a bit more difficult .
I wish him the best of luck -mind you Daddy might not be that pleased to see him !!

It shouldn't be that difficult to find him. Mum and Dad are related after all.

I'm being guessing cousins, though we can't rule out that they may be siblings.
I have it on good authority that he was Butler to the 13th Earl of Wynborne and on hearing the news of the umpteenth Kit Muster failure topped himself in shame.
I may have tupped the mother, 83s a bit of a blur.


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Mate. It's good to see you showing your compassionate side.

I don't know this Appleby bloke and i haven't rooted Tamara Eaton. Well, to the best of my knowledge anyhow.
If I was Chico's dad, I certainly wouldn't own up to it, I'd also spend less time sunbathing naked next to high powered search radars to minimise the risk of any further genetic failures.


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I would just like to say it aint fcukin me. The only Appleby I know or have ever heard of, even if it's in my imagination is them Mel and Kim birds, especially the one that did a porn shoot before she died.
Ah ah cant't be me I was in the Gulf fcuking Saddam at the time, however, mmmm Tamara sounds fcukable but then if Chico was from my loins he wouldn't be such a cnut.
I'm doing this because I'm a nice man.

Has anyone seen or do they know a Dave Appleby? He's the father of Chicogiz / amagpieslitsnylon/ Luke Eaton. He fucked a bird called Tamara Eaton circa 1991 and pissed off sharpish.

Now, as the little quim has an infatuation with me, I think it's for the best if we find Dave so he can worship him instead of me as he's doing my head in and he is not of my seed, no matter how much he wishes it.

So let's help little Chico / magpie / Luke, where is Dave? And own up, who else fucked his mum?
I'm beginning to suspect you have a little bit of an evil side to you mate.



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Lying Golly bastard.
I'm with you on this Stirls.

I 've just been watching the Rugby down the pub, the Kiwis were dripping as usual, and a bloke called Appleby was telling me that he was hiding in China from a minga called Tamara and her bro who was an 'ATC or summit' in the RN.

Small world brushteeth
It shouldn't be that difficult to find him. Mum and Dad are related after all.

I'm being guessing cousins, though we can't rule out that they may be siblings.
My bold

His mum and dad are related then? Well that explains a lot then.
Too many close genes and look what you end up with ...
Apologies flymo, it was only directed at the Helston Whore.
Stirling, now it's my apologies to you. I should have put a smiley face at the end of my comment as I knew that you were poking fun at MLP and not just all Golly's past, present and future.

On the other side though, I spent more time as a WE than an EW and met several WE bastards.

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