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Apologies if this has been raised before, but.....

There are lots of queries regarding items that have already been covered at length, usually by people that are fairly recent joiners to RR.

I've raised the question elsewhere, but I can't help but think that a large, prominent "SEARCH" icon button would help all users.
I thought I'd addressed this by writing a full FAQ page in the wiki and putting the link in the header, but it seems not. It's still pointing to ARRSE. I can't fix this now but will crack it over the weekend.
What I've done is added a link in 'Help' in the top menu to the forum search page and corrected the 'general help' link so that it points to the FAQ page in the (somewhat underused!) wiki.

Hopefully that will help.
janner said:
I agree that the present search button does not stand out, so highlighting it in some way could only help

you are ding better than me I have yet to find it having again search the pages with no trace.



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Its in the second item in on the line above the "New Topic" button.

I think it would be better if it were something the size of the new topic button in a highlighted colour.

Perhaps there could be a second buttong for old RP's, written backwards

That whole line of menu buttons would show up more if they were more prominant as per the "New Topic" buttons
Trouble is that just takes up room and on small monitors is a bit of a pain. I would actually prefer smaller 'new post' buttons, without adding search ones to them. Surely the most obvious place to look, that is on all pages on the site, is in the menu?
I agree a prominent SEARCH button would assist, perhaps under the picture of the Matelot (to the left of the advertising banner) on the Front Page and above the Post Reply/New Topic Buttons on Thread pages.

Whilst we're on the topic of Searches, could the search criteria be amended to search "topic title only" as opposed to search title and text.
If you wanted, for example, to know what happens in New Entry at Raleigh surely it would be better to have a list of treads that point to that subject as opposed to every single thread where those words will appear.

Still a cracking site tho Good CO.



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GCO we use fairly large navigation buttons on our site (see below) and have had know complaints about screen clutter. as I said in an earlier post the line of nav buttons on this page don't show that well, it took me ages to spot the search button, which I accept is partially due to age and failing eyesight
Sorry, but I'm still not convinced that the navigation layout at present is broken, nor that search is so important as to warrant special attention - If the site were a reference source and the search was therefore its primary fundamental feature, then it may be different, but this is a social forum and search is very much an extra.

Also the search is in the most logical place and available from anywhere. Having it in on the front page seems particularly odd to me when there are also two ther search functions on the site - wiki and gallery.

We simply can't have large buttons for all the site features - there are just too many - and if we started I and I'm sure many others would put Blogs, Photo Gallery, Recent Posts, Your Account etc above search in the priority list. The main content is already too far down the page in the forums too. On forums with some stickies and so on, you already have to scroll before you hit any fresh content.

And to end on an even more negative note (sorry!), rewriting the site search software is well down the priority list, sorry. Same argument as my first point, and I suspect that even if I did do it that that additional functionality would get used very very occasionally.

I do appreciate the input, but unfortunately I have to prioritise and this just doesn't make it. If we had a team of programmers it may be different, but unfortunately BCO and I do the lot between normal life!

If I really have missed something key, and there is a huge demand for it, then let me know. A poll would be the best way for you to show this.


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Fair points GCO.

My only point was that a lot of first-timers are getting flack for asking what everyone else considers the obvious way to find out & repeating the same questions almost weekly. Appreciate it's a Forum but that doesn't mean we should not aim to help & inform also.

If you look at the top of this page Pet Insurance & Camo Clothing appear of more relevance to the visitor than the search function.

Anyway, apologies, I appreciate there are loads of conflicting opinions & I honestly think the site is very well run, it was just an idea.

I'll get back in my box.
No need for apologies - feedback about the site is always welcome and is very important for us if we're to keep the site going forwards, which we're always trying to do. I hope I didn't sound irritated there, I was trying to give good consideration and reasoned answer!

Next improvement on the cards by the way in 'Kudos' - a system for rating fellow users. Have a look at RearParty if you're interested - it's the testbed.

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