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I find the search function on RR too tight and proscriptive. It requires exact spelling of the first word or nothing is found. For instance, I was searching for a review "Confessions of a Cartel Hitman". Because I missed out the s at the end of confessions it came back as not found. Even when might tried other words such as Hitman Cartel etc, as they are not the first word, I presume, it came back as not found. Capitals have to be correct also.

Is it possible to widen the search function so if it does not find the word at the first go it moves to other words in the search query?
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I've asked before, but could the search box be coloured, say red, so that it stands out more, a lot of people seem to have trouble finding it :rolleyes:
I'm sure even if we made it flash red and do handstands there would be people who ignored it .....
On Mechs course, navy only modules the instructors would sometimes but the exam possible answered on display, for Mechs they would take them down on Monday stand easy, for tiffs classes they could leave them up all week, and they would still fail? Taking horse to water and that stuff.

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