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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by loiz18, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. hey people, just wondering if anyone knows anything about the s&r operations the royal navy do.

    i really cant find very much on it and its something im really interested in but have no idea where to begin

    im not in the navy yet but i am signed on now just got to do my waiting. going in for the naval airman (ah) i figured that probs be a good start.

    so yeh....any info is greatly appreciated
  2. You've got no chance mate. It's a sideways entry branch (aircrewman) and it's going civvy within the next few years.

    Good luck with basic training.
  3. Will we have to give our credit card number before being rescued one thinks to oneself????
  4. It wouldn't suprise me 8O
  5. It's not a job you join to do.

    You find yourself falling into the job by chance rather than anything.

    Usual trades involved are Aircrewman, sideways entry branch.

    Pilots and Observers Usually after a tour on a front line squadron.

    SAR is a secondary duty and actually paid by the DTI, (Dept of Trade and Industry), as military aircraft cost more per flying hour than civil aircraft you will find more civil units carrying out the job of SAR. Bristows doing it under the guise of HM Coastguard.

    I was fortunate to have done it for eight years and believe me it was long enough.
  6. I assume there will be Handlers on the squadron, but only one or two at most (as AET's do the job shore-side). This will prob be limited to reggies runner, tractor driver ect.
  7. I doubt it, there's no military bods at FRADU, don't see why another civvy outfit would be any different.
  8. 771 at Culdrose is matelot run. I think they still have a couple of aircraft up in Prestwick too?
  9. Prestwick detatchment - Stars of the Channel Five Prog 'Highland Rescue'.
  10. There was plans a while ago to close Chivenor completely. After local protest it had a reprieve. Obviously the reprieve is ending.

    As I said earlier the DTI pay for SAR in the UK so the MoD budget isn't affected by SAR tasking. It may be that 771 at Culdrose are replaced by HM Coastguard aircraft. There used to be a permanent CG officer based in Culdrose at 771 to advise, no idea if there still is.

    Cornwall is one of the busiest units around the UK for SAR duties so I doubt if SAR helicopters would be withdrawn.
  11. Being replaced by CSAR some time in 2011 afaik.
  12. Gannet has pussers seakings, pussers crew but civvy maintainers, Civvys are due to take over completely but don't know when.
  13. S'cuse my ignorance, what is CSAR? I'm assuming Civilian SAR!!!!!!!!
  14. 771 is yeah, though their contract for SAR expires soon and has been taken over by a civilian firm, can't imagine they'll want any crusty old matelots getting in their way.

    Got it in one.
  15. Your not called captainobvious for nothing are you! :wink: Cheers.
  16. I thought CSAR was combat search and rescue? A different beast completely!
  17. Can't see there being a call for Combat SAR in Cornwall.

    Or have you a heads up the Cornish are planning a revolution. :lol:

    OK, which is it Combat or Civilian? Anyone out there know for definite?
  18. OMG .Makes me a bit twitchy then :wink: :wink: R.E. Plane guard helicopter. At flying stations?? SAR aircrewman/diver for your new aircraftcarriers!!!! :roll: :roll: When those steely eyed, pull the Black and yellow :oops: and end up in the oggin!!!!!

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