Search and Rescue crews save 7 sailors from stricken ship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 4, 2012.

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  2. Did the winch cable snap????
  3. Reading the article Scouse, it looks like a snag which they cleared. Possible fouling the layering of the cable of the drum. If the cable itself was damaged they would have had to change the cable but the article simply says the cable was cleared. So my thoughts are a winch run out to re lay the cable on the drum!!!!
  4. bit like what you pingers did on the drum!!! On the 195 Dunking sonar LOL
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  5. A good effort nevertheless, just proves how valuable our SAR lads are wether RAF or RN.
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  6. BZ to all, hopefully the media won't end up making this look like the RN couldn't sort it so had to call the RAF to help.

    Is anyone else wondering why a flight from Valley didn't execute this rescue?
  7. The secret Scouse was to go tits up before getting to designated area!!!!!!!! No layering probs then matey.
  8. Of course not. I mean he can't be in the Falklands and doing heroic rescues off our coastline too!!!!!

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