Seaplanes on carriers

Discussion in 'History' started by paybobsquarepants, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Paybob minor treated himself to an Airfix Fairy Swordfish, fitted with floats. Options are for one carried by HMS Valiant or by HMS ARk Royal.

    I know many cruisers and battleships prior to and post war carried floatplanes, and I know carriers embarked Swordfish (with wheels) but what was the rationale for a carrier embarking a floatplane?

    Why stop to recover a floatplane when one with wheels could land on? I expect a flaotplane could be catapulted as much from a carrier as from a smaller ship, but what was their role?

  2. SAR. Walrus served aboard Light Fleets as late as the Korean war for aircrew recovery, until the helicopter became mature enough to take over.

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