Sean Connery: Scottish independence is close

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Meh,

    If i shuts up my scottish mate I'm happy

    But will it make much of a difference to us?
  2. Scottish votes keep Neue Arbiet in power
  3. No Faslane, no Coulport...and by then the facilities at Guzz will have been reduced. Can Brown guarantee that the SNP won't get their way within the next few decades?
  4. Oh dear, another rant from a "nationalist/ seperatist" whose devotion to the cause is such that he lives in tax exile, while conning those daft enough to listen!
  5. Nollocks, If one looks at only Enlish MPs there is still a majority of Labour MPs, it is clearly the fault of the English that we had enjoyed over 10 years of NuLabor government.

    Ye canny palm that one off on us.
  6. Completely agree. He hasn't made a movie in a while and didn't get nominated for an oscar so he has to keep his name alive somehow.

    He has less right to speak up for Scotland than a chinaman. He abandoned it, and if he thought it was that good he would live there.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought he was talking about Nutty :dwarf:
  8. Not all the English, maybe some of them.
    The rest are probably the 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers' who lie their way, get all the benefits - ably supported by Nu Liebour, and vote for the current discredited mob in power.

    As for Shir Shawn - will he hand in his Knighthood ? I doubt it. And he's a bit gobby on this considering he spends most of his time in the good ole USA --- can you see him returning - I can't !!

    My sister in Scotland says that French might soon be the national language .... ;)
  9. Sean Connery is quoted as saying if there is independence he would return to Scotland. How long would he stay, before he realised how expensive it is, how much tax it would cost him and how cold it is, now that his blood is thin due to living in a warm climate? :bball:
  10. Once again if it can't be blaimed on the Scots blaim it all on some one else. Face reality, we have suffered for more than 10 years under the Blair/Brown NuLabor government because the English voted them into power. Now wise up and don't do it again.

    Poor old Sean spends his time in the USA because that's where his money comes from, and at least has the common sense not to fund NuLabors excesses. He has as much right to mutter as Nutty in Spain has or Flagwagger in Canada.

    If Frog becomes our national language it will be very quiet up here as so few of us speek it, now perhaps there are advantages in the idea,
  11. So when they say independant does that mean they want out of hte united kingdom or just polittically. IF they wanted outta the UK then would we have to kick all the scots outta tte army,navy etc because they would be foreign :D. Or would they be in the commonwealth still and be allowed to stay....
  12. They let the paddies in to the services and Ireland is not in the commonwealth.

    The real answer though is that such things would have tobe negotiated at the time if it was ever to happen.
  13. Spot on he does sod all for Scotland! Parasite springs to mind. The amount of people on benefits up here is massive and if independance was an option the country would face ruin in a couple of weeks without cash from Westminster.
  14. On the other hand if we engaged a Wee Free Minister as minister for social security the benefits problem might dissappear overnight
  15. I keep reading about this English Navy based in Faslane! from SNP activist's. I have heard and served in the ROYAL NAVY but not the English Navy. By this reckoning if these mad people beleive this that means there is a Welsh,Scottish and Northern Irish Navies. Were are they all based??
    Maybe in Mr Connery's personal pond :dwarf:
  16. The last election results showed that 43% of voters in Scotland voted for liebour, but only 20% voted SNP, whereas the 'English' vote was only 41%.

    Sucked up well to the Liebour heirarchy though hasn't he ?(along with loads of other "celebs") --- I'd (and others) possibly do the same if I wanted a knighthood too - unfortunately I'm not that far up their backsides, and certainly not rich enough, to qualify for consideration for a gong... :(

    :lol: If the breakaway occurs - you might find a lot of the newcomers to these shores may well be transitting north of the borders (not only to take advantage of the freebies that are gradually being given out) with a far wider language base ( in fact our Polish Catering Manager has just gone north to get the wherefore's etc ..... ;) ) -- and what taxes will the Assembly have to levy on the residents to pay for all of this then ?

    Perhaps Sangatte 3 may well be the new jumping off point ...... ??

    Anyway, just as long as I get to see my siblings up there, I don't mind what you guys do really ... :)
  17. I thought that the last bunch of surveys still had a majority for keeping the UK intact - though slightly slimmer. I saw the SNP getting in as more of a backlash against Blair than a real call for independence.

    Personally, I just think that the whole thing should be re-designed. At the moment it's horribly unbalanced - in some places toward Scotland, in some places away. Should be more of a federal system - domestic governments for each respective country, and an international face operating out of London. Give the Scots AND the English the powers they deserve, and keep it all intact. Everyone would be much happier.
  18. Maxi77, don't tar all English with the same brush, Only once, when I lived and worked in Scotland, did I vote Labour and that was to keep the Scots Nationalists out of power. I have never voted red before or after and never will. If Scotland gets independence perhaps we will get an all English Parliament with only English MPs.

    It is The Royal Navy not the English navy.
  19. I see the Jockinese are being disengenuous again…

    In England had a PR based system like our Welsh and Scottish client states do, Neue Arbiet would not win a majority in England, they never have won the 'popular vote' and that's why they fight tooth and nail against a PR based electoral system.

    PR system in England = Neue Arbiet political suicide.

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