Sean Connery calling on Scots to return to their homeland

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Oil_Slick, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Yes!

    Fvck off back North you scrounging barstewards! :thumright:

    And take the Neue Arbiet Scottish Raj with you.
  2. Re: Sean Connery calling on Scots to return to their homelan

    Thats great coming from him .A tax exile for more years than i care to remember ARSEHOLE!!!
  3. Will he join the influx ? "I think not, Mr Bond". Lesbryan got it right - ARSEHOLE !!
  4. Connery what a c0ck, like all acting, rockin' and rollin' tax exiles should be muzzled and informed regularly that not everyone in Britain can afford their lifestyle.
  5. he has lived in Spain since hish jameshh bond dayshh
  6. Re: Sean Connery calling on Scots to return to their homelan

    As normal these arseholes forget that it is their stage/screen persona that the public like, not them... So they need to remember that we have other arseholes that we have elected to tell us what to do and to keep their dribble to themselves.. :toilet:

  7. And take your god awful bag pipes with you as well, and your deep fried Mars bars! :thumright:
  8. If he lives in the EU i.e. Spain as quoted then he is not a tax exile, what he is allowed to to is elect to pay his UK taxable income in the UK or Spain. Other overseas earnings he will have to pay Spainish tax on. I assume he has an accountant to adevise him of the most advantageous way to go.

    I pay UK tax but get no vote or say in what happens in the UK. Citizens of both USA and Oz get a overseas vote. No taxation without representation used to be the cry but that may be seen to be fair.


    The sooner that England is rid of the Celtic Nations and the MP's that sit in Westminster representing eight odd million people but controlling the lives of forty eight million residents of England the better.

    PPS Good morning Sussex great lunch spot yesterday, bit nippy on Shorehams version of Windy Bridge see you back in warm Espana
  9. Oh it good to see that the usual suspects trooting out their usual rubbish.

    Just ponder on the reality that the two arch tories of the second half of the 20th C, Maggie and Tony did not get rid of Scotland along wioth the rest of the family silver, perhaps because despite all the propoganda the Scots actually cotribute more than they get and thus support the biggest subsidy junkies of all the Londoners. After all there would have been a double benefit for Tony, he would have been rid of Gordon too.
  10. What makes you think that Tories, arch or otherwise, wish to see the Celtic Nations independent? Lets us please use the correct name of the Tories that being the "Conservative & Unionist Party" did you not notice that word Unionist. No Pollie is going to give up any POWER without vast amounts of resistance and that also includes The Houses of Parliment at Westminster. The current majoity in NI are called some shade of Unionists so that really only leaves the Jocks and Taff's who have any interest in the subject.

  11. Glad to see you are only stirred, not shaken, by the comments..
  12. Re: Sean Connery calling on Scots to return to their homelan

    Ah! Connery the wife beater.

  13. PMSL

  14. Re: Sean Connery calling on Scots to return to their homelan

    With the pound now at parity with the Euro even the ex pats who fled our once great country have good reason to hate Brown the Clown
  15. My dear Nutty, Maggie would have sold her granny to make a tax cut so why diidn't she flog us? As for Tone as I said it would have allowed him to didtch Gordon. No we are worth more alive than dead, sad though it may be. Or are you suggesting that the Tories and NuLabor harbour imperialist ambitions and are hanging on to Scotland to form the basis of a new period of imperial grandeur?
  16. Just move the majority of Corby back and just leave the Polish.

    A Scottich mate of mine (Crab) was in the local supermarket in Stamford, and was asked where in Corby he lives!!!
  17. Wasn't the union between the countries an act, as in legal, rather than any kind of military occupation or empire building? Thus agreed on an equal basis by both sides. Beds made and needing to be slept in - that kind of thing.
    Anyway I would still want access to the only product of the place worth having, the whisky. Sadly lacking when compared to the real Irish stuff I know, but of some use nevertheless :bball:
  18. I totally agree with you about Londoners, hardly a Brit among them these days, but I'm not convinced that the Scots (delightful and friendly if a little prickly) contribute more to the UK GNP than they receive in subsidies from the UK exchequer. However, I fully support whatever they get; we need them in the UK to stiffen our sinews and gird our loins against the insidious attacks of Johnny Foreigner (except the Frogs, with whom the Scots have an "auld alliance" or something).
  19. For many years I accepted the official view that the balance we got more than we gave, (or had taken from us if you look at it in another way) but as one sees how hard central government works to hide the true balance one wonders, especially when one remebers Maggies views on saving tax payers money and her views on society and social responsibility.
  20. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I know of at least two pure English people in Corby and another two just outside Corby.... my in-laws (originally from Nottingham) and my parents(originally from Lincoln). In considering the ethnic mix of Corby you've also forgotten the Latvians and the Irish who were also there in significant numbers before the recent influx of Poles.

    Heh, I can remember while at school in Corby, during a discussion on accents the teacher told one of my class-mates that he was obviously a Scot... the reply of "I am no Scottish" came in an almost pure Glaswegian accent :)

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