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Seamanship Apprenticeship intake 2019?

Hi! Does anyone know when the next intake is for the Seamanship Apprenticeship? Thanks

I’ve literally searched and searched and cannot find any info, so apologies if this question has already been asked and answered!
Jellytots, the dates are not given out except to those on the course, which is why you can not find them.

Thank you for your reply.

Yeah I guessed the dates wouldn’t have been made public officially, but I’ve just seen through threads of previous years, people have mentioned their starts dates.
Ah well, not to worry...just a waiting game, that’s forever ending!
Thanks for your message Canoe!
Well, it seem like I’m half way through the process.
I’ve got my interview beginning of April, so hopefully should I be successful, I’m hoping for a September 2019 intake, but who knows!

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