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Discussion in 'RFA' started by SJC26, May 5, 2015.

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  1. Very new to this!
    Does anyone have any information on the new apprenticeships?
    (Is it only one month leave?)
    *possible sift dates for this year
    (Already passed recruitment test)
    *interview dates
    *next intakes
    Like many others, would really love this opportunity but have to make certain it's do able!
    Much appreciated
  2. I took psychometric test on 27th March, got an interview next Tuesday, 12th May. So six weeks or so.

    It seems to vary a lot though, some on here have waited months, others weeks. No rhyme or reason to it.
    You'll just have to sit tight.
  3. Thank you for your reply!
    What role have you applied for?
    I don't mind how long the process takes, if it's all worth it in the end :)
    That was very quick!
    I passed my test a couple of weeks ago now, but understand it can be a very slow process!
    Good luck with your interview!
  4. I'm trying to go in as a Catering Assistant Chef. Simply because I knew they were hiring.
    Much rather have gone as a MM, same as what I did in the Royal.
  5. That's fair enough, good luck with it all. I've gone for seaman! Could never get into the RN, was so pleased when I heard about the RFA!
  6. SJC26, I'm in the same boat (no pun intended) as yourself in that I believe I'm ineligible for the RN but, because I'm turning 37 in the next couple of months (obviously don't know your own reasons). I've never actually tried to join the Navy or get a job at sea before because of other jobs I've had but, I've come to recently realise that it is what I want to do and what I should have done years ago so, when I heard a radio advert about the RFA and checked the website and what not out, I new straight away that I had to apply. If I'd have have been clued up years ago, I'd have applied a long time ago. Anyway, I passed my test last week and am going for the Comms Apprentice position so, it's just a case of waiting now for the sift and like yourself, I'm not too bothered how long it takes.

    The following is taken from an email and letter prior to my test regarding pay: 'the salary will change to £14,648 and the RFA allowance will be removed. We are also no longer able to guarantee a permanent position post training'. So basically, after two years of being an apprentice, you're not guaranteed a job at the end of this time and the money has gone down. Personally, it's a chance I'm willing to take as it is with all the potential apprentices I've spoken to on here and I'll also be taking a significant pay cut if successful. When I spoke to recruitment though, they said that the leave remains the same at four months on, three months off which is cool. I am a little worried at how apprentices will be perceived by existing RFA staff given that it is a new thing.

    Does anyone know anymore about the RFA strike action that has been reported and the main reasoning behind it?
  7. Thanks ever so much for your reply!
    I applied for the RN a few times but because of keyhole surgery on my knee they won't touch me, it was only minor may I add :( however I'm a firm believer in what will be will be and things happen for a reason. I was clearly supposed to come across the RFA :)
    It's a shame about not having job security, but having those 2 years worth of experience is something I'd love to have the opportunity to do!
    Would just love to experience life at sea, whilst doing something worth while.
    I suppose it is May already now and sift is in July, not too long of wait :)
    The pay in comparison to many other apprenticeships is right up there.
    Last edited: May 7, 2015
  8. You sound positive about it in the way I am also. At first I was a little sceptical about the lack of job security but, I'm sure that when the Government is going to be investing thousands of pounds of the tax payers money in your training then it's going to be for a good reason. I see it as their get out clause and a way to get rid if an individual simply doesn't make the grade. I'm sure it's not cost effective to train people and then get rid all of a sudden. Working for the Government in a previous job though, I know how they like to scrimp and save on things (like peoples wages). On the bright side, if there isn't a job after two years, we would potentially have two years training, experience and a number of certificates to get another job at sea for a private company at sea which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've a friend who is an ROV pilot/cable jointer whose lifestyle and salary I've been personally jealous of for years so, I think that the RFA is a good way to get to work at sea and potentially expand on your career. I do plan to remain with the RFA though as it seems more exciting and I will be happy to do my bit for the country also but, I'm sure there will be opportunities if it doesn't go to plan after the initial two years (although I'm not even past sift stage yet)!!!
  9. Agree with you entirely, and surely when the new four ships come into service next year, they will need a lot more employees.
    The pain is that being the first year of apprenticeships we have no idea on approximately how many people they keep on/let go.

    That's very true, there will be other opportunities after the two years. I am also hoping to work my socks off and stay with the RFA.
    I wish you all the best at sift! You will have to let me know how you get on :)
  10. They have retired the RFA Orangeleaf this year, and we are retiring the RFA Gold Rover and The RFA Black Rover quiet soon too - So they probably don't need as many new people as you might think.
  11. SJC26, best of luck too and I'll let you know how things progress. Bleeh, am I correct that the new Tide class are to replace the tankers coming out of service and modernize the fleet? Defence cuts are always a worry and it seems the Royal Navy have been stripped down to a level that is worrying and the fact that we don't have an aircraft carrier in service at the moment is certainly a concern and I'm sure RFA staff levels are obviously influenced by the Royal Navy Fleet. Hopefully there will be a Government in power that is more understanding in that the Country needs to be able to defend itself and increase the defence budget.
  12. Very true, will just have to keep my fingers crossed! Would be, I feel, such an amazing opportunity.
  13. As far as I understand, they are also purpose built to support the new Elizabeth class carriers when they go into active service.
  14. I have also applied for seaman apprentice and so has my friend , I got my email saying AFCO Will contact me to arrange test today , if I get in it will be my first job!
  15. Good luck with it all :)
  16. I've been sent an application form for an engineering apprenticeship even though I never applied for the position. What will I do?
  17. Ignore it, or phone them if you were expecting something else.

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