Seamanship Apprentice - June 2017 SIFT

June is almost upon us!

According to the latest information I heard, the paper SIFT is in June. Anybody manage to get any idea when in June?

Any other wannabe deckhands anxiously waiting out there?
When I called they said the sift is in June and you will hear back from them towards to end of June. Interviews would be in July and a start date in January.
Anxiously waiting indeed. Had testing last month - passed. Received a letter few days back informing sifting is taking place next week, will also hear that week if going through for interview. Fingers crossed.

I didn't even have time to send a bribe/box of Fox's Biscuits.

Que a week of harrassing the Postie every morning. Good luck guys!
Getting anxiety from this thread!

Every post I think is someone saying, "I've got an interview." From looking at similiar threads, it would seem the lucky few get to know first and the 'thanks but no thanks' later.

I'm off down the road to chivvy the Postie up.


Got my interview pack yesterday afternoon!!! 27th of July in Portsmouth anyone going for steward apprentice.... and good luck people really hope yous get to training:)
I passed my test last month

Awaiting an interview for Leading hand supply chain. Glad some of you have your interviews set already! I really do have my fingers crossed that I'll get one this coming week!

Anxious sweats!


Good luck! I hope you get the letter to say your invited but if not don't give up! It took me 3 times to get this far.... but that's coming from someone who's really academically [email protected]
Recently passed my SIFT interview down in Portsmouth for the RFA Steward App, start in Sept 2017 hopefully!

Best Advice is just be honest and make sure you've done your research! Best of Luck, hope to see you down there!

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