Seaman Warfare-Opportunities for deployment to Afghanistan?

Firstly apologies if this is too operationally sensitive feel free to bump the post if necessary - but in light of the recent announcement of what's due to happen in Iraq, are there opportunities to get deployed to Afghanistan within the Seaman Warfare branch? In order to achieve some sense of having served in a conflict zone.

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Re: Seaman Warfare-Opportunities for deployment to Afghanist

I see your point RN commando, but in Iraq members of this branch were performing plenty of supporting and defensive roles, I understand Afghanistan has blues there also. I'm pretty sure optag training is longer than 2 weeks anyway. Also the TA combat infantryman course is only 2 weeks and they're fulfilling frontline combat roles over in both theatres. Maybe it's not as simple as that shipmate, hopefully this post will help me find out.



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RN_Commando said:
shipmate with 2 weeks pre deployment training do you think that will aid you on the front line?
Its not matelots on course who decide the length of the OPTAG courses, they just attend them, but agreed they should be longer and more in depth.
We have bootnecks on our ship on ISSC course at the moment, you really think when they come back after 4 and a half days training they will be able to lead a group of stokers through a main machinery space fire?


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Re: Seaman Warfare-Opportunities for deployment to Afghanist

There is the small problem of a distinct lack of coastline! I believe the TA have the very job you are looking for-its called "A Soldier".
(Does not rule out deploying to Afganistan in the "(Any)" role however.)


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Seems a good question to me - we tell people they;re going to be mobilised, and its clear that the main party in town is going to be Afghanistan soon. There are plenty of RNR personnel in Afghanistan, doing a range of jobs. If you want to join to close with the enemy and kill them, then perhaps the TA is the solution, otherwise there are plenty of ways of getting out there if you want to.


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dunkers said:
Maybe a bit out of date on RN deployments GCYZ? ;)
Not at all, Just can't see why we want to invent a job just to deploy Seaman in their war role to Afganistan. If there is another job they can do and want to go, crack on! But there is plenty of 'water based' (i.e. anti piracy, etc) roles they need to be carrying out.


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Re: Seaman Warfare-Opportunities for deployment to Afghanist

I am very happy to discuss potential deployments of the Seaman Reserve Branch with members of the branch on less public forum. You are very welcome to PM me, though I prefer emails. You should have my email address from the ETMs that I send out.
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Being stationed here in KAF, I have met a Mine Warfare Rating here !!!!! He is employed on populating spreadsheets. If you want to get here, then just offer your services. If you want to go front line, think seriously, a big price to pay for a bit of adventure. But you will invariably have to move the booties or TA. No one is going to send you out front with insufficient training. Too risky, bad PR and just a burden on the real troops.
Re: Seaman Warfare-Opportunities for deployment to Afghanist

Gash hand it is then. Make yourself known to the unit and they will sort something out for you.

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