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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by general_jumbo., Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. can someone explain to me some thing about this ( I think new branch ) being "outside " the service any info i get is gleaned from these hallowed pages or the RN official website, and there seems to be little reference to seaman specs on the ships web pages.
  2. what do you want to know??
  3. If you are referring to the newly formed Seaman Specialist branch then the job now entails Seamanship and the Tactical Communications element from the now defunct OM(C) aka XRO aka RO(T). If you need more detail let us know.
  4. thanks, do you know how they are being distributed , numbers per ship etc
  5. Not exact figures but the average Type 23 is likely to have 1 x PO Seaman Specialist, 4 x Leading Seaman Specs and 8 x AB Seaman Specs. However I have heard that the 8 x ABs may be increased to 10. This figures will need to be adjusted for other types of ship.

  6. Our boy wanted to do Seamen specialist but failed on eyesight, one interesting point made by the recruiting guy was that they are on a lower pay scale don't know if this is in fact true or not.

    Anyway its got to be a good line for pulling when they tell the girl in the nightclub what their job is "I'm a Semen specialist" or "I'm a leading seamen specialist" should have them rolling about in fits of laughter.
  7. Nice question Bernie. By the way, if they are your tits I would like to meet you. :lol:
  8. If I remember rightly, all branches with the exception of MA and Diver are in the lower pay band at AB level

    I think that all branches affected by the recent NBPCP (CIS, WS, SEA and ET) will soon be the subject of job evaluation
  9. NBPCP is ???? and wat type of job evalutation
  10. NBPCP = The Navy Board Personnel Change Programme. In other words, the scheme that led to the formation of the Seaman Specialists, CIS, Warfare Specialists and ETs from the OM and WE/ME branches.

    Job Evaluation determines whether your branch is on the upper or lower pay band.
  11. Took the words right out of my mouth!!!!!
  12. Or if you are part of the 'White Mafia' or not. :lol: :lol:
  13. on to it on to it so wat is a ET (WE) on then in the higher or lower...

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